Webcast series: Office 365 Education

Do you wish to move your institution to the cloud with Office 365 Education or try out the services,  but you’re not sure what to do?   Join the webcast series presented by experts from the Microsoft Office 365 US Education team that have helped academic institutions across the US deploy Office 365 Education.   

These provide an introduction to the services, a technical overview, and information on the deployment options available for your migration to the cloud.  

Each webcast is beneficial for IT staff at institutions of all sizes, and designed to assist your District or Campus deployment of the Office 365 services for messaging, communication and collaboration.  

We host the series weekly - so you can start and progress to the next step whenever it fits your schedule. 


When you're ready, start by attending part I. Office 365 Education - Introduction, held every Tuesday 1pm - 2pm Pacific Time - Click to choose event and register.

You will learn about Office 365 for Education, and how to enroll a trial tenant, verify a domain, and obtain user licenses. 

Following the webcast,  enroll an Office 365 Education tenant at http://education.office365.com


Ready to get more detailed technical view, and have signed up for an Office 365 Education tenant? -  attend part II. Office 365 for Education Technical Overview, held every Thursday 1pm - 2pm Pacific Time -  Click to choose event and register.

This will help you understand the technical capabilities and requirements for migrating to the cloud, and identifying your institutions visions and needs.   (Note: you'll need to attend a Tuesday Webcast and complete the pre-work, before attending a Thursday Webcast).

Following the webcast,  enroll into your Office 365 Education tenant a domain that you own.


Ready to deploy the services in production, and have enrolled a domain you own in your Office 365 Education tenant?  - attend part III. Office 365 Education - Deployment, held every Wednesday 1pm - 2pm Pacific Time - Click to choose event and register.

This will help you understand the options and plan your deployment. It explains the terminology, compares the deployment options, and describes the tools that are included with Office 365 Education.  (Note: you'll need to attend a Thursday Webcast and complete the pre-work, before attending a Wednesday Webcast).


We look forward to seeing you on the webcasts!


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