IT Academy: Office 365 Training & Certification

The upgrade process from Live@edu to Office 365 has begun! And if your organisation has an IT Academy subscription then you have access to the Office 365 training material and the ability to gain one of the latest Microsoft Office 365 certifications.

Through using the IT Academy, your organisation’s IT staff can be completely proficient in Office 365; meaning they can deploy faster and reduce any issues that may arise when migrating users to the new environment. From a Network Manager’s point of view, training is offered at academic prices, suggesting the woes of a training budget are minimised. Furthermore, if your organisation has implemented SSO with Office 365, your credentials will also log you into the IT Academy resources like eLearning.

This means that you can use IT Academy to support your organisation’s adoption and implementation of Office 365; permitting the full promotion of features and benefits to all staff and students, allowing learning objectives to be enhanced.

For instance, you have all of these Office 365 resources available with an IT Academy membership:

Office 365 Certification

  A table showing the education materials and courses available to the organisation via IT Academy.

For more information on how to access the training and what you can gain from it, view this presentation.

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