Top Ways to prepare for an Office 365 deployment

If you’re looking at deploying Office 365 for education at your institution, but you’re wondering what the best way to prepare is, then look no further!

Over on the phenomenally useful Office 365 community there is a wiki page that steps through all the things you need to think about when preparing for an Office 365 deployment:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Office 365 features
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Plan your tenant carefully
  4. Network readiness
  5. Directory clean-up and preparation
  6. Desktop
  7. Mail migration, readiness and performance
  8. Planning for a hybrid configuration
  9. Admin support and use training
  10. Public folders
  11. Server-side Exchange applications

Get your deployment to a great start today by being prepared!

Your tips please!

Have you deployed Office 365 for education at your institution over the summer break? Tell us your best and most useful tips for deployment in the comments.

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