Where can I go to find Office 365 help documentation?

I was asked by a university in northern California evaluating Office 365 where they could find help reference files:

Where is the main Office 365 help site?

There is a main Office 365 help main page where you can search and drill into various Office 365 topics.


Visit the main Office 365 help site here.


Where can I find Exchange Online specific help?:


This is off the main help site but you can directly visit the Exchange Online help here.


Where can I find Exchange Online PowerShell help?:

This is also off of the main Office 365 help site.  It has excellent PowerShell cmdlet references for just Exchange Online and not Exchange 2010 cmdlets for on premises so you don’t get confused.


Visit Exchange Online cmdlet references here or in PowerShell you can use Get-command along with Get-help <command> |FL to get full cmdlet references


Where can I find more detailed topic information around Office 365?

You can visit our Office 365 wiki page where you can drill into various topics around Office 365.  This wiki has excellent current information around common customer questions, challenges and solutions.


Visit the Office 365 wiki here.


Where can I ask technical questions on Office 365?

You can ask questions in our Office 365 forums.


The Office 365 forums are here.


Is there a step by step deployment guide I can follow?

Yes, there is an excellent Office 365 deployment guide you can leverage. It has our latest step by step guidance along with key templates and planning information.



Grab the Office 365 deployment guide online here or in PDF format here.

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  1. alain smithee says:

    I’d like to see a tutorial explaining how to install local help files on individual laptops so that employees who are working at remote job sites that do not have internet access can access a help file.

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