Full Directory Synchronisation… Suits You…

Guest post by Office 365 Consultant, Tony Ison.

If you have just jumped on-board with Office 365, or are looking to migrate over once general availability has been announced, then here is a little gem that you might find useful.

Currently under Live@edu if your tenancy requires a full directory synchronisation after you have initiated your first complete sync, for example you have changed some AD settings and wish to re-sync all AD objects to the cloud then as you probably know the PowerShell command for Live@edu is:

      .\StartSync -FirstRun

Now, under Office 365 for education there is a different method which is not known that publically. Open up your registry editor and find the following:


Search for the FullSyncNeeded key, set it to 1.

Then run the following command to start a full resync:


Enjoy your fresh synchronised directory!

How do you do it?

As always – we want to hear how you’ve been deploying Live@edu or Office 365 in your institution! Got any pro tips you’d like to share, or perhaps a story we could feature as a post? Let us know in the comments!

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