Live@edu sets a new all time high active user record, Office 365 starts blazing a trail

According to Bing, 22 million could refer to a number of things today:

  • the approximate population of Australia.
  • the number of barrels of oil Ghana has produced since 2010
  • the number of workers that used a social network to land a job
  • the number of active users of Microsoft's Live@edu service

I wonder which one I will write about? 🙂  I guess I had better pick the latest Live@edu announcement... an analysis of Australian demographics can wait a week or so.

Live@edu!  What a run!  100% growth year over year!

If the number of customer inquiries and engagements my team is working on is anything to go by after 5 (or so) years in, we are apparently still at the beginning of this tidal wave.  My sincere thanks to all of our US customers that have made the move to the cloud with Microsoft Live@edu, it is great to see Southern State Community College in Ohio, New Mexico State University, Florida State University, and University of Colorado at Boulder being recognized today.

Office 365 for education! The next generation is taking root!

Customers that qualify for Office 365 for education, via our EES program, can get access to Exchange Online and Lync Online now!  SharePoint Online is coming soon.  Early feedback on Exchange and Lync has simply been simply fantastic.  I am delighted to see that we are also recognizing our world's first Office 365 deployment at Georgia State University... THANKS!  We will have many more great stories to come.

If you are in the US, and If you want to talk to someone on my team about either of these services... please make contact.


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