Kentucky Department of Education saving $6.3m in costs with Live@edu

Hi folks,

Around a year ago,the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) rolled out Live@edu to their 174 school districts to much acclaim. We have just completed the formal case study on this fantastic state-wide implementation. I know you will all want to read more, here is an excerpt to whet your appetite 🙂

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) provides services to the 174 school districts across the state and sought to improve communication and collaboration for teachers and students. KDE upgraded from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to a cloud-based Microsoft Outlook Live solution, available through Microsoft Live@edu and powered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. KDE conducted the upgrade to 700,000 mailboxes overnight, giving individual districts choices in how to structure their messaging. The upgrade relieves KDE staff, students, and teachers from mailbox size limitations and gives them the flexibility to extend the learning environment. KDE has reduced its management burden and increased system reliability because the messaging environment is maintained in the cloud by Microsoft, and it has avoided U.S.$6.3 million in costs over a four-year period.

The scale of this is still stunning one year later, and a demonstration of what customers are able to do today with Microsoft technology, and a great customer like KDE!



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