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Hi everyone!

As an evolution of our popular http://msftedublogger.wordpress.com/ blog, where we spent a lot of time looking at the tools and technologies behind Live@edu, we have now decided to move the blog onto our TechNet site... a kind of "get with the Microsoft program", as it were 🙂  Long term Live@edu blog subscribers will know that this blog started off life on Live Spaces before moving onto WordPress, and there it has lived for a while.

So what can you expect with this move? Well, more of the same kind of content on Live@edu and very soon, new content topics on the components that make up (and support) Office 365 for education!  What is also great is that the blogging team has expanded.  Over time, you can expect to hear from:

  • Mark Garcia, Education Cloud Architect for Microsoft
  • Greg Katz, Education Cloud Architect
  • Derek Seymour, Cloud Solution Specialist
  • Michael Icore, Cloud Solution Specialist
  • Erik Desbois, Cloud Solution Specialist
  • Mark Dunkel, SharePoint Technical Specialist
  • Kris Kattula, SharePoint Solution Specialist
  • ...and yours truly, Jonny Chambers, Specialist Manager for US Education

As ever, we value your input and questions, so get cracking on those... especially any topics you would like to hear about.

All the best!


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  1. aredubbya says:

    When is ther going to be an update to the GAL so that it gives you NTFS like files permissions, and you can control who has access to to view what objects in the GAL. more often than not the GAL is huge and the need to customize according to the user type is necessary, so students can only see certain GAL contacts, new staff can only see certain contacts, parents can only see certain contacts etc

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