Configuring regional settings automatically

Hello! Hej! હેલ્લો Ciao! Tere! नमस्ते Hallo!

No matter where you are in the world it seems there’s a word for “hello”. Of course, it’s not always spelled the same way! Winking smile 

The same can be said for many other words, so making sure that you’ve got the correct regional settings configured is important for spell checking and auto-correction. Just think - how many times have you gone for the @ symbol and ended up with “ instead?

When provisioning new users in Live@edu you give them the option of choosing which settings are most suitable for them at first login:


Occasionally users will pick the wrong language or time zone and this can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction with the service. It could also lead to an increase in support requests with your helpdesk; something I’m sure nobody wants! The good news is that there is a way to set this on behalf of your users so that they cannot make the mistake to start with.


It is possible, using Windows PowerShell, to prescribe these settings, for example:

To set an individual user to English (UK), and GMT Standard Time:

Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration <mailbox-id> -Language en-gb –TimeZone "GMT Standard Time"

To set all users in the tenant to English UK, and GMT Standard Time: Get-Mailbox – Resultsize unlimited | Set-

MailboxRegionalConfiguration –Language en-gb –TimeZone "GMT Standard Time"

To retrieve settings for all users in the tenant:

Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration

Once these options are set users are not presented with the choice on first login, instead they are taken straight to their inbox. Users you create after running this command are not automatically configured, so you may want to run the command per-user for users created one-by-one throughout the academic year.


One thing the code above doesn’t do is set the dictionary settings for your users. The default setting is for English (US) but most will want English (United Kingdom).


The correct dictionary can be set in the mail options, as above. As part of a welcome note, orientation lesson, or campus publicity it may be useful to point out that users can change their default dictionary.

PowerShell is a brilliant tool for performing advanced configuration of Live@edu. There are many features that cannot be controlled using the Exchange Control Panel. I definitely recommend checking out the PowerShell cmdlets reference on Outlook Live Help, and taking some time to get to grips with using PowerShell to manage the service.

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