School’s OOF for summer!

Most (if not all!) schools across the United Kingdom are now off for the summer break and won’t be back until the first week of September. Apart from the most committed students and teachers most people will probably be checking their email accounts less frequently than normal and for many students “school” becomes a dirty word. I suspect this is also the case for many teachers! Angel

Of course, not everyone has this long break and, for those outside of education, the next 6 weeks will be ‘business as usual’ so how can you help avoid some of the confusion, delay, and anger that can come about when someone sends you an email and you don’t pick it up for over a month?

Automatic Replies

If you spend more than a few days working at Microsoft you’ll invariably hear or see the term “OOF” when describing someone who is out of office; the reasons why it is known as “OOF” and not “OOO” are part of Microsoft lore but whether you’re out of office for a day or a month setting your “OOF” reply is essential.

Fortunately Outlook Live Help has a handy little guide and video talking about how to set your automatic reply response in Live@edu.

So before you clean the whiteboard, tidy your desk and lock your classroom door, take a moment to set your automatic reply and let others know you’ll be “OOF” for a while!

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