SQL 2008 Web Cast Series for Education

Join us for a series of informative webcasts on data management and how SQL 2008 enables data driven decision making at scale in education—each Thursday starting at 10:00 a.m.  Register for these online sessions by clicking on the hyper-link imbedded in the titles below.

SQL Server

August 19, Power to the People with Self Service Reporting

Give IT some breathing room and reduce the reporting backlog at your educational institution. We know that lots of time at education institutions is spent on wrangling institutional data in order to assess institutional effectiveness and learning outcomes. Join us to learn how the new features in SQL 2008 R2 can turn your end users into reporting rock stars with PowerPivot and Report Builder 3, and let your data architecture work for you.

August 26, Are you Ready For the Cloud? We’re All In

Cut costs, save time and increase productivity with cloud solutions from Microsoft. Whether you are looking for solutions for updating outmoded and expensive email systems or are looking at robust data and application centric initiatives, come check out how the Azure Platform can benefit your institution by giving you the platform, infrastructure, and software as a service delivered when, where, and how you need it.

September 2, Jumpstart Your Institutional Effectiveness Initiative with “QuickStart”

The Microsoft SQL 2008 stack is a powerful data warehouse / Institutional Effectiveness, Accountability and Assessment platform. But how do you turn that investment into real value for your educational organization quickly? Microsoft partners will present its Institutional Effectiveness Quick Start project methodology for standing up a prototype solution during a five day project sprint. You'll learn how to scope an Institutional Effectiveness prototype solution and plan the goals for each day to be ready on day 5 with a mind blowing BI demo for your end users. If you need to deliver a reporting or data warehouse solution this year, this session is a must.

September 9, BIG DATA? We Got Your Back

Whether you have 100s of GBs, 10s of terabytes, or even 100s of terabytes at your education institution we have you covered. Come check out FastTrack reference architecture and new Data Warehouse Appliance from our Data Warehouse Product Team at Microsoft.

September 16, What's the Big Deal for DBA’s?

SQL Server 2008 R2 brings new versions, new capabilities, and some feature changes to the SQL Server product family. We will cover the changes and updates to Enterprise and Standard and give you a tour of the new features like Utility Control Point that you can leverage to reduce the time you spend managing your SQL infrastructure.

September 23, Delivering Data Driven Instruction with Microsoft's Platform for Institutional Effectiveness

We will show you how SharePoint, SQL Server, and office can deliver a rich user-friendly solution for teachers, faculty, staff and administrators to use to assess learning outcomes.

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