Windows Phone 7’s Tip for multi-language speakers!

Auto-correct/Keyboard independent of Language!

If you are like me and many bilingual folks, the overall experience is best when using English for menus, options, etc. But it is a major "fail" when the auto-correct feature, works in the menu language only. So yes, they made this fix with the WP7. You can add multiple keyboard layouts, and it will automatically change the auto-correct language, and NOT the menus, and options. This is AWESOME! This made my wife's iPhone 4 very jealous! This makes texting, and writing on Facebook SO much better!

I like it, so how do I do it!?


1. Open the "Settings" app
2. Scroll down to "Keyboard" and select it
3. Select the first option (Defaults to US or whatever they set on your carrier)
4. Select whichever ones you want

When you open a messaging window, there will be a keyboard language icon on the bottom, so you can switch languages and dictionaries on the fly. Ain't that cool!


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