Updated: Using Thales nShield Connect/Solo on Windows with OpenSSL CHIL Engine

Using the Thales nShield with OpenSSL on Windows So I installed an nShield Connect HSM and a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. I wanted to achieve two goals: (1) Using the a nShield HSM (aka enrollment) (2) Use the nShield Support Software (v. 11.70 is recommended for Windows Server 2012 R2) to support OpenSSL's chil engine Part I : Enrolling…


Java Keys, nCipher and the mysterious InvalidKeyException

Recently stumbled upon this rather pesky issue using Java JDK 6 and I figured it would be something interesting that other people may appreciate a solution for.   I followed the nCipher instructions to a T on how to setup the Java JCE provider. And upon trying to generate keys using KeyTool.exe, I noticed that…


Opera’s Woes: Who took the keys? Where’s my car?

Imagine the following: You are at home, ready to head out… You do the triple-tap on the pant pockets and immediately notice that you are missing the car keys. Sure enough you check everywhere, and after turning every piece of furniture like a madman, you think to yourself – “Darn it! Maybe I left them inside the car!”. You run outside and to your amazement,…


Windows Phone 7’s Tip for multi-language speakers!

Auto-correct/Keyboard independent of Language! If you are like me and many bilingual folks, the overall experience is best when using English for menus, options, etc. But it is a major “fail” when the auto-correct feature, works in the menu language only. So yes, they made this fix with the WP7. You can add multiple keyboard…


Microsoft Kinect: From the box to the living room

(I won’t bother readers with boring details about the box and its contents. Check out IGN, Gamespot or Engadget for that.) Where’s the beef? Let’s cut through the chase, the device is awesome and works very well. I do have a big living room, so I spared 10 feet of space no problem. I do…


CASE: Using nCipher and OpenSSL (on Windows)

Using the NCipher with OpenSSL on Windows So I installed a Net HSM and a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. I wanted to achieve two goals: (1) Using the a Net HSM (aka enrolling) (2) Use the HSM to support OpenSSL/MSCAPI at the same time Update: I am using Windows 7 Enterprise for the client, using version 11.11 of the…


Microsoft Kinect: First Encounter

I recently was allowed to play with the Kinect sensor at a technical conference. I will go over a quick summary of comments: The Good I was able to play it without any instructions, and so was my wife, who is the most non-gamer person I know. I saw some kids playing with it, as…


Case: Mounting Mac DMG’s and the misterious post-exec diskimage-helper

So I recently had to do mounting and unmounting of DMG files from the command line using perl. The steps I used were:  (a) Convert image to UDRW (so I could modify the image contents)(b) Mount the image(c) Modify contents(d) Unmount the image(e) Convert to UDCO (compressed image format, so I could save space and…


Windows 7 is out, with hidden tricks :-O !

So this is not new, but thought I would give an update. Its really nice to say the least. A nice little trick though (this was published on the news as well) Make a new folder with the following name:  GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}  Enjoy!


Windows 7 Beta is OUT!

Yes it is out. After using Windows 7 M3 alpha I have to say it looks much nicer. Features that have caught my attention: You can mount VHD’s (virtual hard disks) as drives. You can boot from VHD’s! New taskbar (good and bad, some like it some don’t) Libraries Gestures SPEED SPEED Did I mention…