Connecting DirectAccess Clients to SAP

When a DirectAccess client computer is on the Internet, it connects to the corporate network using DirectAccess. All communications between the DirectAccess client and DirectAccess server are done over IPv6 (encapsulated by an IPv4 tunnel to carry the IPv6 traffic over the IPv4 Internet). In fact, the client application assumes that the connection is IPv6…


UAG DirectAccess and the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security – Things You Should Know

Both the Windows DirectAccess and the UAG DirectAccess solutions are heavily dependent on the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. DirectAccess clients take advantage of both firewall rules and Connection Security Rules. Connection Security Rules are IPsec rules that control the IPsec tunnel mode connections between the DirectAccess clients and the DirectAccess server. In addition to…


DirectAccess Policy Management – Have it your way!

Forefront UAG 2010 makes extensive use of group policy objects for client provisioning, corporate servers, and the gateway itself. Customers familiar with this capability asked for more. More flexibility defining objects, and more control over their naming, placement and creation. Here are a couple of enhancements we’ve made in SP1 to meet these requests. Organizational…


UAG DirectAccess monitoring and troubleshooting in UAG 2010 SP1

After deploying your UAG DirectAccess environment, you need to ascertain that it’s up and running, and is providing the remote access as planned. There are a few things you’ll want to check: Are all the relevant services up and running? Were there any failures? Are there users currently connected to the system? Are they hitting…


UAG 2010 SP1: The New and Improved DirectAccess Features

We received some great feedback from customers about deploying DirectAccess in their organizations. One notable quote was “it works like magic!” Our customers also told us how we can make the product better by adding features and making existing features easier to manage. After discussions and prioritization we are now proud to present the DirectAccess…


Enabling Hyper-V Management through DirectAccess

Lots of folks have bemoaned the fact that Hyper-V manglement through DirectAccess (DA) is (at best) inconsistent. To understand why this is so, we have to understand a bit about how Hyper-V and DA work from a network perspective. In order to support the bi-directional connectivity required by Hyper-V WMI usage, Installation of the Hyper-V…


The Mystery of the IP-HTTPS Listener, an Outlook Client and an IPv4 Only Network

A customer presented the DirectAccess team with an interesting problem that brought together many pieces of how a DirectAccess works, and how things might not work in certain circumstances. Because the problem was an interesting one, and because it highlights how some features of DirectAccess work, we thought it might be a good idea to…


UAG Update 1 is available!

I am happy to announce the availability of Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010, Update 1. UAG Update 1 can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center, here. In addition, UAG Update 1 is also available via the Microsoft Update channel. The accompanying KB article (KB981323) details the contents of the release, is not available at this…


Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010 is released!

We are proud to announce that Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010 is Released To Manufacturing (RTM). Evaluation version (timebombed for 120 days) is already available on the web, click Download button below to try it now.                      The commercial version of Forefront UAG will be available early January, on the Volume Licensing Service Center….


Deep dive into UAG DirectAccess (Manage Out Basics)

Today, I’m just going to be brief for a change, and discuss what we refer to as “Managed Out” scenarios. I want to thank Pat Telford a consultant in Microsoft, specializing in DirectAccess deployments among other things, for helping with this subject. Like I mentioned in one of my first posts, one of the big…