UAG DirectAccess monitoring and troubleshooting in UAG 2010 SP1

After deploying your UAG DirectAccess environment, you need to ascertain that it’s up and running, and is providing the remote access as planned. There are a few things you’ll want to check: Are all the relevant services up and running? Were there any failures? Are there users currently connected to the system? Are they hitting…


Creating a policy for a corporate machine

A nice feature of the endpoint policy mechanism in UAG is the ability to create a Corporate-Machine policy, and then use it to grant more granular access to machines which meet the policy. Some customer have found this to be confusing, thinking that you can simply specify that as an expression, and UAG will be…


UAG 2010 SP1: The New and Improved DirectAccess Features

We received some great feedback from customers about deploying DirectAccess in their organizations. One notable quote was “it works like magic!” Our customers also told us how we can make the product better by adding features and making existing features easier to manage. After discussions and prioritization we are now proud to present the DirectAccess…


Announcing Forefront UAG 2010 Service Pack 1

We are happy to announce Forefront UAG 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and the availability of its final release candidate. This service pack includes many enhancements to the product, designed to ease DirectAccess deployments and to enable secure collaboration scenarios using Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0. Among the new features for DirectAccess: One-time-password…


Forefront UAG 2010 – Update 2.

I’m very happy to announce that on September 21st we released Forefront UAG 2010 – Update 2. In this update we deliver enhancements to existing UAG functionality, and solutions for major deployment blockers for a broad set of customers, addressing 18 customer requests. Some of the major functionality added in this update: · Client Components…


New Forefront UAG Book

Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder will soon release their book Deploying Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway*. The book focuses on deployment scenarios and best practices for implementation, and can be preordered here.   Nathan Bigman, Content Publishing Manager * They are also releasing books on Forefront TMG and Forefront Protection for Exchange Server


How to enable Remote Desktop Sharing (RDS/RDP) from corporate machines to DirectAccess connected machines

Summary: I had a customer ask how the helpdesk / support staff can connect to DirectAccess (Windows7) connected machines.  He asked because if they enabled “Remote Desktop Sharing” in the Firewall in the Public or Private Profile, it enabled it for all hosts – not just the corporate host via DirectAccess.  Another way of looking…


Authenticating to UAG with an email address instead of user ID

Summary I recently had a customer ask about how to do SSO with an email address and not the samAccountName. Knowing that Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is VERY flexible, the answer is of course yes, and this blog outlines how. Why authenticate with email? My customer has a need to hold non-employee accounts in…


Exchange Publishing – UAG Performance

Here are the details of a recent test cycle our performance lab conducted for publishing Exchange with Unified Access Gateway (UAG) RTM. It should be noted that all sorts of factors impact performance, such as usage profiles, published applications, hardware, etc. With Exchange, results are also impacted by the overall usage ratio between the different…


Exchange Offline Address Book is not being updated

We got reports from folks who published Outlook Anywhere through UAG and noticed their (apparently large) Offline Address Book (OAB) is not being updated. David Bahat from our test team came up with the following procedure that solves the problem. After you have published Exchange, open Advanced Trunk configuration -> Click the Portal Tab –>…