UAG 2010 Service Pack 3 is in the works

The Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Product Team is excited to let you know that we are currently developing Service Pack 3 for UAG 2010, and we expect to make it available during the first quarter of calendar year 2013 (Q1 CY2013).


Service Pack 3 will provide support for: 

  • Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 clients, including DirectAccess
  • Office 2013 clients (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Publishing Exchange 2013
  • Publishing SharePoint 2013
  • RDP 8.0 client for Windows 7 SP1 (KB 2592687)


Thank you,

The UAG Product Team


Comments (31)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Information from the LDAP server at IP address 172….. cannot be retrieved. The error code is Invalid DN Syntax.

    Hey guys, we're all waiting for SP3!-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will support be added for Win8 DirectAccess clients?  Or is an upgrade to Server 2012 still required?  

  3. RMoros says:

    Good news!

    Any chance to participate in beta testing?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What about support for LYNC 2013…  it's bad enough MS is getting rid of TMG, and now windows 2012 Direct access is better than UAG………….   This contradicts what Microsoft sales told just about everyone,  I was told we  should use UAG for all inbound access and publishing and not TMG..   Maybe one hand is not talking to the other within Microsoft..

  5. @ Da'Woz and Simply by Design: Windows 8 is already supported by UAG DirectAccess. The only fact is that Windows Server 2012 offers a bit more features and some improvements.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, just want to know SP3 would still support Shrepoint 2010 templates ??

  7. Any update as well on the feature of FileAccess of UAg, or is this going to fade out?

  8. Simple by Design says:

    Yes last comment need clarification. Can we expect support Windows 8 client connecting to DirectAccess based on UAG 2010 SP3?

  9. Brent says:

    Is there a hotfix available or a manual install to get IE10 working with UAG RDP apps.

  10. Angel Amador says:

    Will SP3 be able to replace ADFS Proxy?

  11. Disgruntled Lawn Gnome says:

    Hopfully Lync 2013 support be forthcoming in a better fashion than Lync 2010 support.

    Any word on publishing Office Web App Servers?

  12. Lightbeer says:

    @ TSP… The problem is this:

    Forefront UAG does not support Lync Mobility scenarios.

  13. O365 says:

    Will UAG support publishing Exchange 2013 in Hybrid mode w/0365?

  14. Paul jones says:

    Can anyone shed an light on using UAG right now with exchange 2013, as in an known workarounds that can simply be removed when the SP arrives or a hotfix?

  15. abu saada says:

    any new features that makes easier to setup direct access ?

  16. Needs status – can't use RDP to access my work on Win 8. Is it true there will be no fix?

  17. thomas says:

    Why does the UAG Team not respond to above questions?

  18. update says:

    why don't you keep us up to date about the progress and give us some more information about the support for the different kind of tablets. UAG really lacks support for this. if this isn't getting better our organisation will stop using UAG and migrate to another product.

  19. Insider says:

    The future of this product is in question.

  20. thomas says:

    Still no response from Microsoft UAG team! Who is mr. Insider – could you put some more words on your annoucement? We are very dependant on UAG in our enviroment, so I would very much appreciate some update information about this.

  21. Guess who says:

    Just understand, that all Forefront products will be consolidated under the System Center umbrella.  Until then, appliance solutions are still available – and is a solution pattern that Citrix has adopted as well with their NetScaler access gateway appliance replacement for the host-based secure gateway product.  That said, anything can change if enough feedback is communicated from customers.

  22. rax says:

    So.. is this supposed to be a replacement for TMG.. I am still pissed you killed TMG and this is not yet full featured..;.

    Microsoft you need to get your head out of the clouds!!

  23. IPV6 says:

    Has anybody ever bothered to look at IPV6 support… sigh..

  24. Bjoern Graf says:

    Any news on the release date of SP3. Our users and customers are using clients where RDP8 update is installed and cannot use UAG because of this. Very sad Microsoft's "own" UAG product still does not support RDP 8 clients, even after months. Microsoft, please inform your customers about SP3. Because of these issues with UAG we are investigating Citrix Netscaler options, would be unnecessary if UAG would be updated sooner.

  25. Matthew Garton says:

    Will the new service pack allow proper use of file access for tablets without right click?  Currently you cannot use this feature becuae double tapping engages zoom as opposed to opening.  My testing has shown this to be the case in both Andriod and iOS.

  26. Matthias Buchner (Gemalto) says:

    If you are looking for a beta tester, I am volunteering!

  27. Uag Bound... says:

    Lync Mobility is still stuck on its zimmer frame.

  28. Jan-Willem says:

    Found a File Access fix on the internet. After sp3 file access is broken in Internet Explorer. This fix works perfectly!

    In the following file:

    ..Microsoft Forefront Unified Access GatewayvonFileAccessDefault.asp

    Change the line

    ver = CInt(lowerAgent.substr(lowerAgent.indexOf("msie")+5,2))


    ver = lowerAgent.substr(lowerAgent.indexOf("msie")+5,2)

  29. IanC says:

    After installing SP3, I get script error when selecting the SERVERS node in the UAG FileAccess console:

    Line = 13

    Char = 3

    "object doesn't support property or method"


    Tried this:

    ..Microsoft Forefront Unified Access GatewayvonFileAccessDefault.asp

    Change the line

    ver = CInt(lowerAgent.substr(lowerAgent.indexOf("msie")+5,2))


    ver = lowerAgent.substr(lowerAgent.indexOf("msie")+5,2)

    Didn't fix it…

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