Regular Expression syntax to exclude values from a wildcard expression

RegEx (Regular Expressions) is commonly used when configuring UAG portal applications. In addition, RegEx is also used when configuring application customizations such as AppWrap and SRA.

I recently worked with a customer that posed a fairly unique question. He wanted to know how to create a regular expression that would match the following:

Include any server in, excluding

The Regular Expression that will accomplish this is as follows:



(?!server02) = Impossible to match ‘server02’

(?:(?!server02).) = ‘?:’ indicates not to create a backreference. ‘Dot’ indicates to match any single character.

^(?:(?!server02).)* = ‘Carat’ indicates to assert the position at the beginning of the string. ‘Asterisk’ indicates to match between zero and unlimited number of times.

\.domain\.com = “”

Blog post written by Richard Barker

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