UAG DirectAccess and F5 BigIP – Better Together



Following up on the official announcement, I thought I'd write a quick note about our F5+UAG better together;

We recently finished working with F5 engineers on making sure F5 solution and UAG DirectAccess work together.

F5 published the solution guide in , and we support that configuration in our UAG 2010 release ,with integrated 3rd party load balancer support for DirectAccess. (Our TechNet docs are located in

I'm really excited to have a load balancing leader such as F5 working with UAG DirectAccess, and I'm sure it will enable UAG DirectAccess customers to enjoy a rich variety of load balancing scenarios utilizing the scalability, reliability, and advanced customization that  F5 offers.


Ben Bernstein

Comments (1)

  1. ISATAP says:

    Hi Ben,
    This guide says this F5-based solution offers Manage Out capability. Does this include scenarios where there is no internal native IPv6 network and “Manage Out” devices are ISATAP hosts instead?
    Many thanks.

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