Customizing the Portal

Lately we’ve been getting quite a few questions on how to customize the portal in UAG. As you probably already know, the portal in UAG is very different from the portal in IAG. The difference is not only in how UAG portals look and are structured, it’s also in the technology used to create them….


AppWrap in UAG – what’s new

AppWrap (Application Wrapper) is an IAG and UAG XML configuration file that enables manipulating HTTP responses on their way back from the backend web server to the client. In IAG 2007, approximately 30 such files existed, since each AppWrap file was used for a different type of single-application trunk (for example, one AppWrap file was…


Deep dive into UAG DirectAccess (Manage Out Basics)

Today, I’m just going to be brief for a change, and discuss what we refer to as “Managed Out” scenarios. I want to thank Pat Telford a consultant in Microsoft, specializing in DirectAccess deployments among other things, for helping with this subject. Like I mentioned in one of my first posts, one of the big…


Load Balancing Backend Servers Farms

Applications that are published using UAG can benefit from its built-in load balancing functionality. Multiple backend servers can be configured per application, and Web Farm Load Balancing (WFLB) will take care of distributing traffic across the different servers and maintaining clients’ affinity. Let’s assume I am publishing Outlook Web App (OWA). There are two Client…


UAG Content from TechEd Europe

It was a great TechEd in Berlin last week and a fabulous one for UAG. We got lots of positive feedback from you, our community. It is always a pleasure to meet so many of our users in one place and see the faces behind the names. I hope that those of you who attended…