UAG is a Berliner – Meet Us in Tech·Ed Europe 2009

Hi, Tech·Ed Europe 2009 in Berlin is just around the corner! For those attending the conference, there will be two UAG sessions, and a hands-on lab, as follows: Technical session SIA306 – Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway: DirectAccess and Beyond, Tue 11/10, 10:45-12:00, Europa 1 – Hall 7-3b Technical session SIA04-IS – Microsoft Forefront Unified…


Deep dive into UAG DirectAccess (Certificates)

I hope you survived my last blog post about IPv6. Today I’m joined by a fellow member of the UAG team: Max Braitmaiere, who is a software design engineer in the UAG DirectAccess team, Max designed many of the UAG DirectAccess specific features. Let’s discuss today the certificate configuration in UAG DirectAccess. Let’s go over…


Insufficient Disk Space Error on e-Gap 3.6 version installation

Technorati Tags: You Do Not Have Enough Disk Space to Install,insufficient disk space Scenario When attempting to install the e-Gap 3.6 version software, you might receive an insufficient disk space error even though there is plenty of hard drive space: "There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package. Please free up…


Deep dive into UAG DirectAccess (IPv6 and DirectAccess)

Technorati Tags: uag – Unified Access Gateway,DirectAccess,IPv6,DirectAccess and IPv6,IPv6 prefixes,NAT64,DNS64 Ok, this time it’s going to be a long dive, hold your breath 🙂 I’ll skip my usual grandiose introduction, since there are many things I want to share today… NAT64 and DNS64 on video Oh, a quick note before I start, I had a…


Authenticating Exchange Mail Applications using UAG RC0

Technorati Tags: Authenticating Exchange,RC0,Exchange authentication,Authentication,Exchange Secured messaging has just become easier with the recently announced RC0 version of Forefront UAG. Additional authentication methods are supported out of the box, simplifying the publishing process of back-end services, particularly Exchange mail. Objective Configure pre-authentication of Exchange mail applications, with no impact on the end-users, providing a seamless…


Beta 2 Configuration Migration to RC0 – It’s Pretty Simple

After working with the beta release for some time, you feel it’s time to move on… to RC0 🙂 The problem is you already have your whole environment up and running using the beta… what do you do? It’s pretty simple actually. With UAG RC0 you can migrate your server settings from UAG Beta 2….