Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure: Bringing Balance to the Force

Today on the MSRC blog, Matt Thomlinson, General Manager of Trustworthy Computing Security, announced our new philosophy on Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. I wanted to provide some context and history on how this came about. This post is about changing the way we at Microsoft talk about some familiar disclosure concepts, and is meant as an introduction… Read more

Hacker Olympics: a shout-out from Vancouver, BC!

Handle:Cluster IRL: Maarten Van Horenbeeck Rank: Senior Program Manager Likes: Slicing covert channels, foraging in remote memory pools, and setting off page faults Dislikes: The crackling sound of crypto breaking, warm vodka martni Handle:Mando Picker IRL: Dustin Childs Rank: Security Program Manager Likes: Protecting customers, working with security researchers, second Tuesdays, bourbon, mandolins Dislikes: Using… Read more