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Performance Optimization for Dynamics CRM 2011 Clients

This blog will give you all possible information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Client, factors which affect the performance of your CRM client and the performance improvement techniques specific to client side layer of CRM architecture. I will also list down the software and hardware resources and their usage to monitor and achieve desired CRM client… Read more

New Dynamics CRM 2011 Workshops Available for Partners!

We have launched a new series of technical enablement workshops for partners, which they can make use of, to understand the new functionalities and capabilities of Dynamics CRM 2011. These workshops are exclusively available only for partners, who can make use of their advisory hours (which they get as benefits of being partners of Microsoft),… Read more

Workshop: Performance Planning, Tuning and Optimization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Please find the details of the “Performance Planning, Tuning and Optimization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” workshop below. Agenda Clients Network – Latency & Bandwidth Server & Extensibility Optimize Your Form Load Experience Recent Web Client Optimizations Outlook Performance Optimizations Performance at a glance Session Duration 90 mins Advisory Hours 5 – 6 Hours Target Audience… Read more