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Sample Data Generator Series – Part 2: Ready to Use Sample Data Files for Dynamics CRM & How to Use It

This is the second post in the Sample Data Generator Series. In this post, we will give you some heads up on the ready to use sample data files which you would have downloaded from the first post in this series – Sample Data Generator Series – Part 1: Overview of Generating Sample Data for… Read more

Sample Data Generator Series – Part 1: Overview of Generating Sample Data for Dynamics CRM

I have long been wondering if we can build a logic to generate some sample data for Dynamics CRM. The sample data which gets installed with Dynamics CRM is very little and this does not help much especially when you have a requirement to present dashboards in CRM (or) demonstrate Power BI capabilities in Dynamics… Read more

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 CU 4

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics v3 Cumulative Update 4 was released earlier this month. This was an important release which provided the support for integrations into Dynamics CRM 2015. However, it no longer supports Dynamics CRM 2011 or Dynamics CRM 4.0 Some of the interesting features of this release have been listed below. Support for… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2015 – Download Available Now!

For those of you looking forward to the US Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, there's a little something extra to be thankful for: the CRM product group has shipped Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2015. It's available for download here: If you are provisioning a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you might also notice that… Read more