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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 CU 4

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics v3 Cumulative Update 4 was released earlier this month. This was an important release which provided the support for integrations into Dynamics CRM 2015. However, it no longer supports Dynamics CRM 2011 or Dynamics CRM 4.0 Some of the interesting features of this release have been listed below. Support for… Read more

AX 2012 – CRM 2011 Connector

Please find the details of the ” AX 2012 – CRM 2011 Connector” workshop below. Agenda Connector overview What’s “out-of-the-box” Customization options Connector roadmap Connector resources Session Duration 1.5 hours Advisory Hours 5 Hours Target Audience Technical Decision Makers Developers Architects If you are interested in any of the workshops mentioned above, click here…. Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for NAV- Step by Step Guide to Installation & Configuration

This blog post gives step by step procedures to integrate Dynamics CRM 2011/CRM online with NAV 2013. Note: Download the connector setup and installation guide from links mentioned in the last section. Prerequisites Microsoft Dynamics CRM Create two Windows Live ID accounts for CRM online or two user accounts for Dynamics CRM on premise for… Read more

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 Cumulative Update 1 – Released!

Performance improvements and key suggestions on Connector V3 deployments are the primary new features in Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 CU1 (, which was posted today for download. Additional new features with this release include: Overall performance improvement in the Connector V3 service Overall performance improvement in Connector’s log Performance improvement  in the Microsoft Dynamics… Read more

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 (3.0.430.1) Refresh – Available Now!!!

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 (3.0.430.1) Refresh is available now.  This refresh addresses some issues that you may have encountered with the initial release of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3. Refresh Highlights: This refresh addresses the issue of custom fields not being available for mapping on existing maps after the configuration utilities have been run… Read more

Workshop for Connector for GP 2010 & CRM 2011 is now available!!!

Integrating Dynamics CRM and ERP applications is one of the key requirements with customers who use both these applications in their environment. We have a new workshop available now to cater the needs of the partners who are interesting in getting a headstart in getting ready for implementing the integration between Dynamics GP 2010 and… Read more

Workshop: GP 2013 – Connector with CRM 2013

Please find the details of the “GP 2013 – Connector with CRM 2013” workshop below. Agenda Installation Requirements Support Configurations Available Maps Integration Structure Installation Integration Configuration Initial Synchronization and Map Maintenance Troubleshooting Session Duration 90 mins Advisory Hours Used 4 – 5  hours Target Audience Technical Decision Makers Business Decision Makers Developers Administrators If… Read more