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Workshop: GP 2013 – Overview of Bank Reconciliation

Please find the details of the “GP 2013 – Overview of Bank Reconciliation” workshop below. Agenda Bank Reconciliation Setup Key Master Information In Bank Reconciliation Checkbook Maintenance EFT Information Transaction Processing in Bank Reconciliation Bank Transactions & Receipts Bank Transfers Bank Deposits Bank Reconciliation Inquiries & Reporting Checkbook Register Checkbook Inquiry Routines Reconcile Bank to… Read more

Maintaining Data Integrity between Sub Ledgers and General Ledger

Reconciliation between the Sub Ledger and the General Ledger is one of the most common tasks performed at every close process in every business. There have been various scenarios in which there has been a break between the sub ledgers and the general ledger balances. A few key scenarios are quoted below: A transaction posted… Read more