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Virtual Launch Event for The New Dynamics AX!!!

Sivakumar Venkataraman - Click for blog homepageDynamics AX is the Microsoft Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) service built on and for Microsoft Azure. Designed to accelerate business, Dynamics AX helps people make smarter decisions quickly with an intelligent user interface, transforms business processes faster with proven methodologies and practices, and enables organizations to do business virtually anywhere, any time, with the choice, flexibility, and powerful data security of the Microsoft Cloud.

Dynamics AX is designed and built to leverage the power and trustworthiness of Azure. It provides world class, enterprise-grade data protection so you know that your data is secure and its privacy is protected. Because you own your data, Dynamics AX gives you control over how it is stored and how you access it.

We have planned a virtual launch event for The New Dynamics AX in the following dates mentioned below:

  • APAC: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm PST
  • ROW: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 from 8:00 am – 9:00 am PST

Register today! to attend and invite your customers and join us for this launch event! You can find registration here.

The event has quite a few interesting breakout sessions as listed below.


Introducing inventory and production cost control

Discover how cost management has been redefined in Microsoft Dynamics AX as a separate domain area. This session will focus on the new features introduced specifically for performing Inventory and Production cost control. You’ll also see how BI and Power BI provide vital insight to drive management decisions.

Intelligent Order Fulfillment

Empower your employees to explore remediation options for your customers by increasing global visibility of your inventory, manufacturing and logistics.

Agile Product Introduction and Shop Floor Execution

Experience the usability and productivity enhancements delivered for Manufacturers in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Delivering amazing customer experiences through unified commerce

Today’s customers interact with brands across a wide range of touch points throughout their shopping experiences. Customers use social media to read reviews, smartphones to conduct research and, now more than ever, they expect information and experiences tailored to their needs.

Intelligent operations through effective merchandising

Getting ahead of trends and then effectively planning and delivering upon them is what sets apart market leaders from the rest of the pack. Ensuring the right product mix is available in every channel at the right time  is a major step towards this.

Rapid time to value through commerce essentials

The combination of the digitally empowered consumer and continued industry disruption, means many retailers are now or planning to move to modern systems and architecture while protecting the investments they have in place of other systems  that are functioning well. Commerce essentials delivers the components necessary to ensure rapid time to value in addressing these challenges.


Monitor the pulse of your business: Stay on top of your budget!

Drive corporate performance with business insights and intelligence.

Assess and manage risk by simplifying period end close

Gain increased visibility to organizational risks with a single view into your business.

Drive corporate strategy and growth through HCM (Human Capital Management)

Reduce overhead and provide a single source where Employees and Managers can maintain data.

Business Decisions

Drive impact and productivity through fast decision making

Enabling people to make smarter decisions more quickly empowers them to react to market conditions faster while delivering amazing experiences to their customers. See how Microsoft Dynamics AX is empowering people through a beautiful, intelligent and intuitive new UI as well as clients for retail and commerce for modern workplace, which works on nearly any device, anywhere.

Grow and adapt your business at your pace

Helping businesses grow at their own pace is all about giving them the choice and flexibility to modernize their business. Attend this session to see how Microsoft Dynamics AX uniquely uses the power of the cloud to help support your business. See new innovations that will enable you to harness the power of the cloud to optimize your business processes.

Transform business faster

Transforming your business by easily redesigning processes is crucial for any organization to stay competitive. Join us to see how the new Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) can give your business the agility to quickly adapt to changing business needs. Learn how we are delivering industry workloads through Commerce Essentials and use LCS for pre-built, pre-configured industry solutions, to speed up deploying a new ERP project while reducing risk and getting faster time to value.

During the Global Virtual Launch Event (VLE) you will hear from key members of the Dynamics AX development team, analysts and most importantly, early adopter customers showing how they are using the new Dynamics AX on Microsoft Azure to speed up their business!

Hope this helps.