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Announcing New Features to Dynamics Learning Portal

Sivakumar Venkataraman - Click for blog homepageThere has been loads of new features which have been introduced with the latest release of the Dynamics Learning Portal. Some of them are highlighted below.

Access to Lab Environment– Users of DLP can connect and work with a virtual machine that is associated to a specific course. Once logged in to the virtual lab, partners will have access to a set of pre-defined Hands-On-Labs (HOL).  The default duration for each lab session is 90 minutes with the option to extend it after the timer runs out. After launching the lab and allowing a few minutes for it to fully load, users are presented with a Remote Desktop Connection popup and prompt to log into the virtual machine to consume the HOLs.

​Direct Communication with Partners from within DLP– A DLP home page tile will now allow the MBS Readiness team to send out alerts and notifications to DLP users. These short messages will cover items beneficial to partners such as announcements of new course releases, upcoming events, the release of a new lab, or even system warnings.

Filtering and Refine by Language – DLP adds "Language" as a new filtering possibility, as well as under the "Refine by" option on the search results.

​Course Sorting– Courses displayed by their publication date as opposed to course number. Recently published courses will appear at the top of the list.

Exam Preparation Guide– All current English and localized versions of Dynamics Exam Preparation Guides will be available in DLP organized by product version. These documents include the exam number as well as direct links to supplemental training material such as E-Learning courses and instructor-led training that will help you prepare for the exam.

​Course Resources for L200 courses– Transition from training manuals to support the E-Learning training experience, new course resources are included in DLP. The training material is a package of documents including Instructor Notes, Classroom Companion Guide and PowerPoints for Classroom. Note that it is not a student manual but collateral material to provide assistance and support to trainers in a classroom environment. This release delivers course resources for L200 courses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 R3 CU8.

    • ​​Instructor Notes: guidance provided to an instructor on how to teach the course in a classroom.
    • ​​Classroom Companion Guide:  this is a transcript of the E-Learning verbatim, but can be used in a classroom environment to take notes and refer to later if needed. This also includes additional exercises/labs, test your knowledge (TYK), and review areas unique from the E-Learning.
    • ​​PowerPoints for Classroom: these are PowerPoints geared to classroom training and as such, they are different from the PowerPoints that are used in the E-Learning.

Localized versions– Including localized versions of course resources, exam preparation guides, and localized versions of the Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 course in French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Hosting earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics courses– Adding earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics courses such as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Hosting latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics courses– Continuous publication of training courses for the latest version of our Microsoft Dynamics products.​

If you are completely new to the DLP, please read the initial DLP release announcement.

Please contact us at dlpsupport@microsoft.comif you have any questions related to this new release of the DLP.

Happy Learning!