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Dynamics PTS Blog – A Glance at the Statistics for 2014

Sivakumar Venkataraman - Click for blog homepageIt has indeed been a very good year in 2014 for the Dynamics PTS blog. This article is primarily to thank all our readers without whom our blog would not have been as popular as it reflects.

Some interesting statistics for the viewers are listed below. The comparison of statistics between 2014 and 2013 can be seen below.

2013 2014
image image

Notice an almost 75% increase in the total hits in our blog as compared to the previous year. Last year we had about 37k hits to our blog, but this year it has shot up to 56k, which is very glad to see. This indicates that we have drawn the interest of more users to the blog. We will continue to post interesting articles and content to this blog to keep up the interest of our readers.

Another notable increase is the number of hits per day, which has also increased from 116 to 177.

Also, find below the trend of hits across the various times of the day. This indicates that the blog has been viewed by readers across all the time zones.


We are happy that our content has been helpful to our readers and we will strive to improve it further in 2015.

Happy Reading!