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Service Pack 2 for Dynamics GP 2013 Released!

Sivakumar Venkataraman - Click for blog homepageService Pack 2 (KB 2864518) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has been released!  A NEW DVD including Service Pack 2 also released!

Here are the version updates:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 12.00.1482
Dexterity 12.00.0269
Project Accounting 12.00.1454
Fixed Assets Management 12.00.1444
Manufacturing 12.00.1438
Human Resources 12.00.1467
Field Services 12.00.1440
Cashbook Management 12.00.1468
Scheduled Installments 12.00.1468
Safe Pay 12.00.1443
Electronic Reconcile 12.00.1442
SmartList 12.00.1485
Technical Service Tools 12.0.12
HRM Solution Series 12.0.9
Payment Document Management 12.00.1468
Business Activity Statement 12.00.1468
Purchase Order Enhancements 12.00.1448
Enhanced Intrastat 12.00.1468
CoperSeries 12.00.1455
VAT Daybook 12.00.1436
Analytical Accounting 12.00.1456
ML Checks 12.00.1468
Payroll Integration to Payable 12.0.9
Certification Manager 12.0.9
Employee Health and Wellness 12.0.9
Fixed Assets Enhancements 12.00.1468
Export Financial Data 12.00.1468
Date Effective Tax Rates 12.00.1468
Canadian Payroll 12.00.1453
Direct Debits & Refunds 12.00.1468

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Product Download Page  – NEW DVD is here!

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack Page

Direct Links:



The following Service Pack Pages have also been updated with Service Pack 2:

Word Template Generator

The new web client modules which have been included with Service Pack 2 is listed below:

  • Field Service
    • Service Call Management
    • Depot Management
    • Preventative Maintenance
  • Project Accounting
  • Manufacturing
    • Bill of Materials
    • Manufacturing Order Processing
    • Master Production Scheduling
    • MRP
    • Manufacturing Suite
  • Fixed Assets Enhancements
  • Bank Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Payment Document Management (PDM)

Note: It is noteworthy in mentioning that the web client features of Project Accounting and Manufacturing which were slated for subsequent releases, have been included with SP2 itself.

New Web Client only features:

  • Visual Studio Tools for Web Client v1
  • Keyboard Shortcut enhancements
  • Change single machine configuration to support both the Web Client web site and runtime service using the same port 
  • Add styling to ribbon to show focus 
  • Web client messaging retry/refresh & Client Side error handling / notification improvements
  • Better scrollbars for standard reports

New Desktop & Web Client Features:

  • GL – Roll down changes to Account Segment Description
  • Reconcile checkbook without marking transactions
  • Cash Receipts Inquiry display checkbook ID
  • Customer Combiner & Modifier
  • Vendor Combiner & Modifier
  • Payables Void Enhancements
  • AA Finance Charge assessment
  • AA and Sales order deposits
  • Payroll Inquiry Check Date Sort Options
  • Applicant E-mail in HR
  • Doc Attach 2.0:
    • Document Flow
    • Status Tracking
    • Delete Password
    • Attachment Properties
    • Attachment Email
    • Delete Utility
  • SmartList Splitter
  • SmartList Designer

Hope this helps. Happy downloading…

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