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Workshop: CRM2011 – Isolating & Troubleshooting CRM Performance Issues

Please find the details of the “CRM 2011 – Isolating & Troubleshooting CRM Performance Issues” workshop below.


  • Day 1:
    • Tools and Techniques to Identify & troubleshoot SQL Server Tier Performance Bottlenecks.
      • SQL Server Profiler tracing
      • Gathering Baseline performance
      • Query Tuning
      • Labs – Walk through and troubleshoot sample scenarios
    • Tools and Techniques to Identify & troubleshoot IIS Tier Performance Bottlenecks.
      • Capture and Analyze Fiddler Traces
      • Analyze IIS Log Files
  • Day 2:
    • Tools and Techniques to Identify Network Performance Bottlenecks
      • Use Command Line Tools
        • PING
        • TRACERT
        • NSLOOKUP
        • NETSTAT
    • Using Microsoft Network Monitor (Netmon) Traces
      • Using Microsoft Performance Monitor to isolate performance bottlenecks
      • Understand the Performance Monitor tool
      • Collect Performance Monitor Log file captures
      • Add Microsoft Dynamics CRM performance counters to monitor
      • Understand the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Counters available to add to Performance Monitor captures
      • Understand how to review and analyze Performance Monitor log file captures

Session Duration

  • 120 mins x 2 days

Advisory Hours

  • 10 – 12 Hours

Target Audience

  • Administrators

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