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Dynamics PTS Workshops

The Microsoft Dynamics Partner Technical Services team offers a series of workshops that are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and practice to learn, deploy, administer and sell Microsoft Dynamics products including Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM.

This article contains the list workshops which we offer EXCLUSIVELY for partners, so that they can benefit from these workshops.


Choose from any of the topics on any of the Dynamics technologies listed. You can even request for custom workshops which would be personalized and delivered to your team.


These sessions would enable you to:

  • Learn Microsoft Dynamics products
  • Setup and administer Dynamics products effectively and efficiently
  • Sell to customers more aggressively
  • Customize Dynamics products to suit each organization needs

Delivery mode

These sessions would be delivered remotely over Online Meeting at a convenient time and date to your organization only.

How is it charged

As your company is a Microsoft Partner and you are eligible for a number of benefits, including Partner Advisory Hours, the engagement opportunities can be leveraged by consuming these advisory hours.


Please find the details of the various customized one-one consultative workshops which we provide.