Workflow Approvals are now compatible with SAS – Azure ACS retirement update

Workflow Approvals are now compatible with SAS

Our mobile apps page has been updated to reflect that any customer using workflow approvals only with ACS can now migrate off of ACS and uptake SAS.  

This migration will require a new version of the mobile connector which is not backwards compatible with ACS. Do not move to the new connector if you are still using mobile Timesheet or mobile Expense.

It is recommended you configure this in a new standalone environment first, and then schedule downtime to uninstall the previous connector and reconfigure to the new version in production.

Steps are documented in the Workflow Approval via Email whitepaper. These steps apply to both R2 and R3.

 The updated connector (8.2.384) is available for download from the mobile apps page or directly from the link below.

We are continuing to work on publishing the final solution for timesheet and expense.
The final solution is in progress and will be available soon. That final solution will include the updated mobile connector, updated apps for Android and IOS, and the documentation required for the configuration using SAS.

Please be aware that the new solution for timesheet and expense will have a new dependency on ADFS 3.0 rather than ADFS 2.0.

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