Dynamics AX 2012 Companion Applications: Support for ACS and SAS

As of May 1st, the replacement solution to support SAS is still in progress. Existing services will continue to work, but a replacement solution will be published as soon as it is available. If you have a critical situation with no ability to create a new namespace, please log a Dynamics support case and request to be contacted by the product team who can work with you to understand your requirements.

Please see the most recent updates found: August 2018 ACS update

Comments (10)

  1. Currently we are working on Dynamics AX 2012 Timesheet and Mobile app connectivity. Do you have any step by steps document with latest changes ?

    1. You will simply need to start a support ticket with Azure customer support to keep your ID on the whitelist.

  2. Andrew says:

    Where can we track the progress on the AX development for the switch from ACS to SAS? There is nothing listed in LCS

  3. Xander Vink says:

    Do you have an updated middle-tier service (the mobile connector) available?
    It only needs a change of one (!) line in the *.common assembly of the connector were the tokenprovider is created.
    We really need this URGENTLY.

    1. Mötz Jensen says:

      If you know what assembly it is, create a support ticket and help Microsoft understand what they need to do.

      If you need the system to run, just decompile the dll file, change the code, rebuild and switch out the file. Not supported, nor perfect, but doable. You might need to create some magic dll redirection…

  4. tkucuk says:

    Did you done any work or pulished any update to support SAS for Dynamics AX companion applications?

    1. The work to update the companion apps is still ongoing.

  5. YYLim says:

    Any new update on this? One of the customer is satisfy on testing previously setup with ACS and want to go live and understand ACS service is being shutdown on November 7th 2018. Any new step by step guide to setup AX2012 mobile app with SAS?

  6. UMESH PANDIT says:

    Any updates on SAS for Dynamics AX companion applications?

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