July 2017 release – Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The July release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes. Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse & Transportation, Retail, DIXF and Project Accounting. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is intended to give visibility into fixes recently shipped for R3, including some features and design changes that are newly released in this month.

Here are a few details related to this release:
• Primary Build: 6.3.5000.6242
• Number of Application hotfixes: 111
• Number of Binary hotfixes: 31

Details of the install process can be found here. NOTE: step 3 allows you to select the appropriate update package from LCS which is one of the recent CU's or the "most recent" monthly update.  Most recent is what you will  select to download the package with the below updates.

What is included in this month’s release?

Design Change Requests, Feature Requests & RegFs

KB Details Description of issue or change request Description of enhancement
4032504 DIXF Generate XML Schema Definition (XSD) File: Add a setting to allow optional fields to be missing in the XML file The changes in the hotfix include the following:

The DIXF Service's DMFConfig.xml file has an "AllowMissingElementsInXsdForOptionalFields" new configuration option. When setting to true, optional fields will have elements in the XSD file set to minOccurs='0' and maxOccurs='1'. It means that the element doesn't have to exist in the XML file.This only applies to the XSD file.

DIXF will still not accept XML files with missing elements. This XSD file can be used to validate an XML file before including the missing elements.


4024615 Performance issue for the Retail Sales form when there are a large number of SQL records in the AX database. The changes in the fix address the issue by adding a button 'Search', and only execute query when this button is clicked.
4025460 Guided partial location item cycle count where you don't need to count the full content of location. The changes in the hotfix include adding support to do partial cycle counting:

Work line breaks are added to cycle counting work template and partial cycle counting work will be generated during cycle counting planning.


4026032 [Retail] When you try to add more than 50 fields to the receipt footer, you receive the following error message:

"Index was outside the bounds of the array."

The hotfix changes the maxNumberLabels as 100.

Fixes Released

KB Number Complete Feature Path Title
4032436 AX Retail The transactions on voucher XXXX do not balance as per date error when you run Post statement
4033001 AX Retail The shelf label quantity is the quantity being purchased instead of 1 when you print shelf label from Purchase order
4025768 AX Retail\Solution\Call Center Total invoiced quantity does not show correct value on the Customer item statistics form (Call center)
4032643 AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Coupons The transactions on voucher xxx do not balance as per <Date> error you invoice sales order with pro-rated charges
4033981 AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Customer service and inquiry The Price details form misses the "Trade agreements" and "Potential trade agreements" tabs when it's opened in the retail sales orders from Call center
4024661 AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty Loyalty card balance is negative after you return original sales
4025859 AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty\Customers and Groups The customer was saved error when saving new customer in POS if number sequence for Location ID is Alpha Numeric
4025921 AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting RetailTransactionId, RetailStoreId, RetailTerminalId and RetailCustTrans fields are empty in CustTrans table
4034022 AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Account number for transaction type Cost change variance does not exist error when you post Retail statement
4032208 AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Catalog Management Hidden attributes like RetailAttributesGlobalLookup and RetailAttributesGlobalLookupPOSDisallowDiscount are assigned to Product
4034657 AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Product Enrichment and Product Details Pricing simulator doesn't display all the applied discounts in "Offer code"
4025525 AX Retail\Solution\Order management You cannot delete purchase order lines that are created by packages
4025196 AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Back Office (Cross-Channel) Fulfilment of Retail Store Customer Order It's not possible to pick up Customer order in MPOS when Delivery reminder  sales quantity is increased
4025327 AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Back Office (Cross-Channel) Fulfilment of Retail Store Customer Order No tax on customer order MPOS prepayment when "Sales tax on prepayment journal voucher" is activated in AR parameters
4025203 AX Retail\Solution\Servicing\Channel DB (including Consolidated) Tender type description doesn't appear on the printed receipts after truncating the RETAILTRANSACTIONTABLEEX5 table
4025906 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS MPOS Transfer Order allows Receive now decimal quantity for items with UOM to be defined as Ea
4032160 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS The focus in EPOS isn't on the Search or Enter quantity box when you exit the pop-up menu
3158692 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily Operations The print behavior of hardcoded receipts (such as X Report) is tied with template-based receipts
4034771 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Offline Mode EPOS doesn't switch to Offline mode reliably after you deploy KB 4012952
4033777 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Other Payments (Check, On-account etc) Private label card read leads to manual entry for credit cards on VeriFone device
4024775 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions "An error occurred while saving the customer" error when you search a customer in POS
4025093 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions MPOS always uses two decimal places when displaying quantity in cart
4025386 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions Total discount calculates incorrect amount for items with a price embedded bar code when quantities is rounded in EPOS
4026031 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions Tax amount is calculated incorrectly when price includes tax and returning transaction crossing stores
4032143 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions MPOS stops responding when you add blocked customer to transaction from customer details
4032631 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions You cannot enter a $0 starting amount
4033139 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions You cannot recall the suspended transactions in EPOS when you use product variants with multiple bar codes per variant ID
4033561 AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions Return transaction for weighted item has incorrect amount
4025152 AXL\APAC localizations\India Fix for GST miscellaneous issues
4025602 AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: "Account number for transaction" error while posting invoice proposal
4033296 AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Allowable limit for accumulated depreciation (33) doesn't take amount memorandum price 1.00 yen at the end of final depreciation year
4025282 AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Czech Republic Czech Republic/CZE: The "Date of VAT register" functionality doesn't work as expected with Credit limit feature even after hotfix 4013628 is installed
4032624 AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Czech Republic Czech Republic/CZE: "Account number for transaction type Sales tax does not exist" error when you post an invoice with modified exchange rate for VAT
4032621 AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Poland/POL: Credit limit considers advance invoice on the Customer balance form
4032142 AXL\Europe Localizations\Finland Finland/Fin: EU sales list-New VAT Recapitulative Statement report 2017 doesn't follow the provided data file specifications
4032358 AXL\Europe Localizations\Germany Germany/DEU: German sales tax payment cannot be submitted because of error code 070089007
4033723 AXL\Europe Localizations\Germany  Germany/DEU: SEPA CT/DD Vendor/Customer bank account setup without Swift code misses tags in XML
4014135 AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy Italy/ AX2012 R3 Italian sales tax payment report returns wrong Sales tax for the previous periods
4032622 AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\AP AR Russia/RUS: Financial dimensions in the VAT posting are missing
4024541 AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: NF-e: "347  Rejection: Informing IE" error when the IEST tag is incorrectly exported
4032623 AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: The posted transaction has an amount of 0.00 if you manually adjust the ICMS tax amount for a Purchase order (fixed asset acquisition)
4023886 Client\Doc Handling Unable to upload large attachments from a SharePoint document library
4024117 Client\Office Add-ins Denmark/DNK: The format of time columns is set to AM/PM when you use Export to Microsoft Excel
4025132 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF "Opening balances" DIXF entity fails during copy data to target if Financial dimension based Advanced rules are in use in GL Account structure
4025920 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF DIXF export does not work when conversions are configured at processing group level
4026035 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Subsequent batch jobs use the same job ID when using an ODBC connection to run a DIXF processing group in a recurring batch job
4032105 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF XSD file has maxlength=0 for all string fields after you regenerate source mapping in DIXF
4032445 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Date type is exported as DateTime when you use DIXF to export a field of Date format
4032505 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF DateTime types have incorrect pattern when you generate an XSD (XML Schema Definition) file through DIXF
4032506 Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Only one entity element is allowed (Max one entity per XML file) when you generate an XSD (XML Schema Definition) file through DIXF
4025113 GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice Journals Canceling voucher from invoice approval journal doesn't produce the correct 'storno' accounting entry
4025330 GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Insufficient inventory transactions with status Received error when posting invoice with "\" character in physical voucher
4025963 GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Unable to see Invoice lines section in Matching Details screen with certain screen resolutions
4024400 GFM\Accounts Receivable Duplicates in Settle open transactions form after creating a collection letter after upgrade to CU12
4025495 GFM\Accounts Receivable "The expected type was str, but the encountered type was real" error when doing settlement and updating cash discount
4024595 GFM\Accounts Receivable\Collections\Collection Letter Collection letter code is not updated
4034761 GFM\Accounts Receivable\Free Text Invoice\Recurring Recurrence ID isn't created/updated while you generate recurrence invoice for all the customers where one of the customer exceeded Billing end date
4022954 GFM\Case Management "Field 'Case ID' must" error when changing the Description on a Collections case after the case has already been created
4025481 GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation You cannot run advance bank reconciliation matching rule in batch in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
4033936 GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation Bank transactions marked as new don't take by default Offset account number from setup in Bank Statement
4025482 GFM\Expense Management Users can submit the hotel expenses in Expense report without itemization
4033979 GFM\Expense Management Expense report receipts are deleted unexpectedly from the Expenses App
4026027 GFM\General Ledger Error in ledger accruals when you use tax exempt in invoice and only partial amount is accrued
4024065 GFM\General Ledger\Chart of Accounts Austria/AUT: Austrian and German label for Asset in main account setup is incorrectly translated
4032664 GFM\General Ledger\Reports No grand total on report payments for different companies
4032780 GFM\General Ledger\Reports Ledger transaction list doesn't display tax code for zero based tax on cash discount
4033976 Public Sector\AP\Invoicing The field with ID '0' does not exist in table 'VendTrans' error when you post a Project Vendor Invoice with Billing classifications and auto settlement is turned on
4032178 Public Sector\Budget Incorrect GBR relief amount for a canceled PO after it's partly received.
4033912 SCM\Inventory The Batch reservation form displays no records when serial number is below location and serial dimension is displayed
4019391 SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing "An unbalanced X++ TTSBEGIN/TTSCOMMIT pairs has been detected" error when you try to resume a previously failed Inventory recalculation
4033724 SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing Weighted average summary records aren't deleted by the cancellation of an inventory close if they've been updated by subsequent recalculations which are still active
4032367 SCM\Inventory\Consumer Goods Distribution\Catch Weight Management Unable to post Picking list for full CW quantity after Packing slip cancelation
4032564 SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management Counting sheet does not print LP dimension for an item
4033820 SCM\Inventory\Quality Management You cannot add different items after you apply any filter in the "Quality orders" form
4025158 SCM\Planning Refresh issue between released product item coverage user interface and reqitemtable
4032885 SCM\Planning Incorrect unit in Firm and Consolidate form
4019352 SCM\Planning\Master Planning Expired resource is incorrectly allocated by running Forecast scheduling
4024896 SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Firming and consolidating planned order doesn't verify expiration date on the formula
4032566 SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Invalid order type in production order in spite of selecting "Production" for the "Planned order type"
4032169 SCM\Planning\Scheduling Referenced planned orders are not rescheduled when rescheduling multiple planned production orders
4034087 SCM\Procurement\Intercompany Incorrect value is updated and posted on Invoicing after you cancel packing slip and re-post packing slip
4025989 SCM\Product\Product Configuration "Value is not found in the map" error when you configure line if cache is enabled
4034024 SCM\Product\Product Configuration Z3 solver customization addition
4022618 SCM\Production and Shop Floor Incorrect multiple validation when you select another formula number than the current active one
4034130 SCM\Production and Shop Floor Quality orders are not generated automatically in some AOS servers
4032625 SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders Inventory transactions status is updated as Picked instead of Reserved Physical
4025788 SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Time and Attendance Incorrect profile is transferred to approval form from Electronic time card
4025063 SCM\Production Costing\Lean Costing You experience poor performance when you run MRP and Backflush processes
4033500 SCM\Production Costing\Lean Costing AOS crashes when you running backflush costing that has an error
4034125 SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change Style can't be imported for the BOM version data entity
4032890 SCM\Sales You cannot create a new purchase order from the sales order for non-stocked product when the original purchase order is canceled
4025486 SCM\Sales\Rebates Rebate accounting date isn't correct if you process it in different timezone from the legal entity
4019571 SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Deadlocking on InventSumDeltaDim causes Sales order release batch to fail
4025996 SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Incorrect price on return order when batch number is selected
4025998 SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Carrier Information on Sales Order isn't transferred
4032997 SCM\Sales\Sales Pricing The TAMPROMOTIONITEM table gets an incorrect PromotionID copied in when you copy a trade allowance agreement
4025286 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Transportation Management The quantity is too high error when adding transport request lines to a load with unit conversion
4025285 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Transportation Management\Freight Reconciliation Freight reconciliation journal for discarded amounts double posts the same debit/credit amounts as the SO invoice voucher that included the charge
4025476 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Pick Oldest Batch option results in error when items are "Reserved Physical" at the production input location
4032712 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Fulfillment violation message is ignored in the Release to warehouse form
4032725 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management The "Pick oldest batch" option incorrectly checks destination location for older batch
4033504 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management It allows backflush batch consumption from locations other than the input location after apply kb 3176176
4025462 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Load details inquiry displays incorrect Load reference in a transfer order
4026017 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Loads that have already printed a packing slip are available to post again with negative lines
4032626 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management The "Change Location" option in Load Screen doesn't show Staging location after you apply hotfix 3192548
4033136 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management The Quantity remainder is incorrectly updated when you update quantity on an existing purchase order line
4034126 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Cancel delivery remainder deletes the load lines if you use item setup as TMS only
4026019 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Inbound work creation when PO is not confirmed
4034396 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway The "Work created qty" field shows zero when you use "Mixed LP receiving" in mobile device
4034785 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Clusters don't order correctly
4024691 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management You cannot cancel a packing slip when two loads are under one packing slip
4025226 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management Warehouse work with multiple picks for the same item can result in poor performance in the Wave processing create work
4014133 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Location XXX does not error when using the Movement by template functionality on the mobile device
4025489 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Transfer receipt putaway doesn't generate a LP automatically
4025789 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Raw material picking with serial control capture at packing
4032707 SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Worker isn't captured on journal for WHS adjustment
4023864 Server Purchase order reference form changes when you select another line from related sales order
4025214 Server\AOS Service Load balancing fails because workload becomes negative
4032481 Server\AOS Service AOS crashes when client sends a bad cursor to the server and it tries unpacking it
4023888 Server\Cross Company Crosscompany keyword overrides literals value of DataAreaID in SQL even when DATAAREAIDLITERAL and PARTITIONLITERAL are enabled via SYSGLOBALCONFIGURATION
4025875 Server\Security Generating E-certificate fails if user id contains '-'
4024842 SI\Project Accounting Invoicing partially relieved purchase orders in the new year changes cost price on the document
4032523 SI\Project Accounting XX cannot be reserved because only 0.00 are available in the inventory error when you change the Warehouse on the Purchase order
4033314 SI\Project Accounting\Commited Costs Sales Tax calculates on the cost price but not on the sales price on a billable project journal transaction
4017766 SI\Project Accounting\Estimates Voucher imbalance error when you reverse an eliminated investment estimate
4025461 SI\Project Accounting\Estimates Project estimate excludes negative adjustment lines
4033526 SI\Project Accounting\Estimates Project estimate displays as 100% complete when it should be 0% after apply KB 4018826 and KB 4020440
4033195 SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Billing Rules The committed amount in the funding limits of the project contract is incorrect when you finalizes a single line of a multiline in a purchase order
4033624 SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing The dimensions from the PO are ignored afterward you post cost when you post a purchase order which post cost transaction has no dimensions and that has to be posted into a WIP project
3056843 SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Pay when Paid "Pay when paid" doesn't work for invoices posted in invoice approval journals or when the invoice will be posted in two journal lines
4015593 SI\Project Management\Activities The cursor always moves to the first line when you create two or more new Estimated costs and revenue lines on the WBS form of a project
4034011 SI\Project Management\Activities The system opens the Activities form with an incorrect Activity number when you view details
4033527 SI\Project Management\SCM Integration It creates duplicate sales line numbers when you create new Project item requirements after posting the packing slip for earlier requirements
4034238 SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Incorrect WIP amount on item transactions with the item inventory model "Moving average"
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