April release – Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The April release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes.  Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse & Transportation, Production and Project Accounting. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is a cumulative package including all other fixes released in the prior CU12 update.  Several have commented in prior monthly releases for R3, if there is a slipstream install of this package, and there is not.  This release is intended to give visibility into fixes recently shipped for R3, including some features and design changes that are newly released in this month.

Here are a few details related to this release: 

  • Primary Build: 6.3.5000.3703 
  • Number of Application hotfixes: 96 
  • Number of Binary hotfixes: 12 

 Details of the install process can be found here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh538446.aspx#PackageR3 

What is included in this month’s release? 

Design Change Requests, Feature Requests & RegFs 

KB Details  Description of issue or change request   Description of enhancement 
4014132  Unable to report consumption of staged and order picked material.  Enhancement has been made to unable reporting of actual consumption that allows to register material that is either reserved physcial or picked. 
4014541  Item trace crashes when there are many work transactions  Changes made by creating a custom class instead of InventTrans to cache item tracing data 
4014110  Finland:  Generic ISO20022 CredTrans FI format should include payment id  Fixed the issue described 
4014542  Tax branch information is mandatory on PND53 report but it is missing on AX 2012 R2.   Added Tax Branch Information in related reports. 
4015070  Traceability of the voucher information is inconsistent  Code changes are made to get Invoice Register and Approval details not the Invoice Journals as that is what is on VendTrans. 
4013179  Questionnaires linked to a vendor request are lost after approval  Added new button to show the original vendor request. 



Fixes Released 


KB Number  Complete Feature Path  Title 
4014057  DAXSE\AX Retail  The inventtablemodule records related to Purchasing are sent to stores, and you may need to reduce volume of data synchronized to channel database.
4014330  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution  WCF related parameters in Pos.exe.config file seems corrupted. 
4014155  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\BI and Reporting  Call center sales orders capture card payments when a pro forma invoice is printed 
4014151  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\BI and Reporting\HQ reports  Cannot use measure  “ retail  transaction Lines  “ to  showing  net  amount  per site dimension in Retail Cube 
4013748  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Channel management  Unit price cannot be updated successfully for intercompany sales order line due to the regression of DAXSE #3794316. 
4012727  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting  Validation for Missing Barcode items should not include Price-embedded or Weight-embedded barcode items. 
4014056  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting  IC gift card post voided lines in IC transaction 
4014742  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS  Inventory lookup search text box is placing the hyphens character up front of the entered characters 
4014866  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS  EPOS: Auto logoff timeout' value ignored when accessing standard reports and 'Manage Shifts' screen. 
4014452  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\UX - MPOS  MPOS price check : Cannot use barcode if it is identical with item number 
4015372  DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\UX - MPOS  Sorting undefined in Modern POS for Categories from Hierarchy [Continue DAXSE#3810513 - KB#4013353] 
4014137  DAXSE\AXL  Stock card Financial shows wrong quantity – Thai Localization 
4014138  DAXSE\AXL  Button Continuity schedule in Sales order form always enabled for Polish localization 
4014144  DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations  [China] Disposal of fixed asset wrong in ledger 
4014136  DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India  Batch number is not getting updated in RG Excise Registers 
4015545  DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan  JP – Some typos on Form 26  
4014139  DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand  TH-Withholding tax is incorrect with multiline invoice journals 
4013704  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations  HUN - Selected values in field Sales tax receivable exchange rate type and field Sales tax payable exchange rate type displays value 'Unretrieved' 
4014540  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium  Belgium Sales tax report and Purchase transaction report shows wrong value in box 87 when tax code is setup with “Pct. Exempt from sales tax” - follow up from 3809202 
4014535  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Hungary  Belgian Sales tax transactions re sales report does not report boxes 3 & 49 
4014134  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland  PL - Adv Holder with Full Access available only for System Admin 
4014140  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland  Incorrect update in InventTrans for Polish Credit Note 
4014143  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland  PL - Adv Holder with wrong Dim for Emp belongs to multiple entity 
4014147  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland  Poland: Incorrect VAT amount displayed on General journal 
4013625  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\France  FEC EcritureLet and DateLet methods not created for R2 / hotfix to be backported 
4014146  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\France  Bill of exchange document reference on remittance is not updated correctly 
4015543  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Germany  German sales tax report does not print base amount of individual tax codes on line 41 
4014135  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy  [Italy] AX2012 R3 Italian sales tax payment report returns wrong Sales tax for the previous periods 
4014163  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway  Norway: ISO20022 CT - if voucher series for vendor payments has - sign, importing Camt.054 file fails - unknown EndToEnd id 
4015138  DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\AP AR  (RUS) Exchange rate adjustments are missing dimensions 
4010939  DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil  NF-e: <orig> tag is always 0 for a Sales Order NF-e (generated from a project) with a "Create inventory movements = no" 
4013522  DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil  NF-e: “528 – Rejection: ICMS amount differs from the Item, Base amount and Tax percentage” error for a Direct Import NF-e with foreign currency due to incorrect rounding 
4015009  DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil  NF-e: Rejection code 699 (Nota Tecnica 2015/003 version 1.92) 
4014145  DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico  MEXICO - CFDI does not print PDF if RFC has ñ 
4014261  DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico  When configuring AX for the 'Electronic ledger accounting statement' report, the ‘Tax registration’ tab (in Basic > Setup > Company information) only becomes available IF the 'CFDI (electronic invoices)' feature is enabled 
4014084  DAXSE\Client\Controls\Shared Controls  Controls on the Item Coverage form remain editable, even with View only permissions 
4015185  DAXSE\Client\Office Add-ins  Excel shown error when open saved excel file with IFERROR function 
4014342  DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF  DIXF Opening Balances entity will not import Account\Offset Account values if a Dimension is used in an Account Structure via an Advanced Rule 
4014897  DAXSE\Enterprise Portal\Enterprise Portal\Navigation  AX 2012 R3- Enter key does not work for lookup in Enterprise Portal  
4015028  DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable  Excel Add-In for Free-Text Invoice will not populate an Address from a Customer Account 
4014465  DAXSE\GFM\Case Management  Cannot register and follow up on cases. 
4013935  DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation  AX2012 R3 CU12 - Advanced bank rec - Opening and closing balances should not be required with BAI2 format 
4015029  DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Reports  Dates appear to be incorrect on the bank reconciliation report while generate report from Cash and Bank Management > Journals > Bank Reconciliation>Print Reconciliation Statement 
4015541  DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement  Payment proposal should use findByMainAccountLegalEntity to retrieve main account 
4012159  DAXSE\GFM\Fixed Assets  Depreciation catch up (Depreciation adjustment) not generated in case of asset disposed in mid of month 
4014863  DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger  You entered a reason that already exists in the reason table when trying to enter a description on the journal voucher form for an allocation journal 
4015520  DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger  Cannot update the period status for a Fiscal calendar period. 
4015540  DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger  Error Cannot edit a record in Ledger journal table when closing the journal line form after selecting another company journal  
4013189  DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll  Oregon Transit Tax is not calculating since the 2016-R9a tax update - R3 
4013769  DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll  No support for FSA Dependent Care Limits 
4013826  DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll  The Deduction amount is incorrect when you have a time zone set in Organization Administration Address Setup 
4015361  DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll  NACHA file does not generate block count appropriately for 61 employees 
4014388  DAXSE\Public Sector\AR  Custom text entered on Free Text Invoice line does not get retained while correcting the Free Text Invoice 
4013747  DAXSE\Public Sector\Budget\Provisional budgeting  France: Commitment accounting - partly used commitment shows unexpected balances after revising the commitment 
4012810  DAXSE\Public Sector\GL\Periodic  Purchase Order year end close carry forward is reviving cancelled lines and setting the value OPEN_ in the COSTCONTROLTRANSCOMMITTEDCOST incorrectly to true 
4013038  DAXSE\SCM\CRM\Activities  Creating new Appointments, Events or Tasks makes smmActivities form open with average speed of 2 minutes when having considerable amount of smmActivities records in the system. 
4013038  DAXSE\SCM\CRM\Activities  Creating new Appointments, Events or Tasks makes smmActivities form open with average speed of 2 minutes when having considerable amount of smmActivities records in the system. 
4012438  DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing  The Constant line is not estimated correctly in batch order when we add it manually 
4014359  DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing  Inventory closing - Incorrect adjustment made 
3212562  DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning  Positive days does not work correctly for intermediate product in Planned order 
4013921  DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning  "Cannot delete a record" error when firming consolidated batch orders after applying hotfix KB3190607 
4013632  DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany  You will receive the error during Invoice posting in Direct Delivery Intercompany Scenarios: No cost rollup is found for this item.  Activate the Item Cost Price. 
4014435  DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany  Intercompany return warehouses are out of sync 
4014829  DAXSE\SCM\Product\Product Configuration  Microsoft Dynamics AX client hangs when trying to re-configure a sales order line. 
4015355  DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor  Electronic timecard creates double registrations 
4015714  DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Production Integration  Picking list and Report as finished quantities are incorrect after Report feedback with Error quantities on Job registration form 
4013926  DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Time and Attendance  Absence registration setup cannot be modified in Approval form - complementary fix to KB3070541. 
4013926  DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Time and Attendance  Absence registration setup cannot be modified in Approval form - complementary fix to KB3070541. 
4014430  DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\BOM Calculation  BOM/Route number on BOM calculation dialog does not change when selecting a different Style. 
4013919  DAXSE\SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change\BOM  Inaccurate licensing as BOMConsistOfReport and BOMPartOfReport are listed as Enterprise instead of Functional under the "ViewUserLicense" and "MaintainUserLicense" properties 
4014318  DAXSE\SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change\BOM  Maintain resource requirements wizard - run to replace resource A with resource B in routes 
4015011  DAXSE\SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change\BOM  Style dimension missing from BOM drop down lists 
4012905  DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders  When un-posting a previously registered item, AX reset the Net Amount field to 0.00. 
4012905  DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders  When un-posting a previously registered item, AX reset the Net Amount field to 0.00. 
4014989  DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders  Same Batch Selection - Credit Note gives Error "QTY must be positive for same lot reservation" for R3 
4015228  DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders  Case awaiting SE FTE review of investigation result - Use of Late selection when posting packing slip can result in that AX ignores not stocked products. 
4015585  DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders  Country showing as ‘%1’ in sales order and Shipments 
4015450  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation  Performance: Poor query plan causes performance issue on Automatic Release to warehouse of Sales Orders 
4015008  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management  Location X does not allow for mixed items error when overriding location during put-away and the same location exists in multiple warehouses 
4015170  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management  Backport 3741399 to AX 2012 R3: Purchase order line receiving can receive incorrect lines when some inventory on the order is registered. 
4013920  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway  Unable to release SO when Replenishment line sequence number is specified in Location Directive 
4014133  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management  Movement by template suggest location not allowed mixed batches 
4014534  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management  Dimension tracking records are not cleaned up 
4015020  DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management  When Purchase Put-away work is 'In Process' and the Mobile Device User needs to temporarily cancel out of the Putaway work, "Invalid WorkID" error will be received when attempting to complete putaway work 
4013750  DAXSE\Server  Custom number sequence does not match format error in NumberSeq.numCheckFormat 
4013983  DAXSE\Server\AOS Service  Follow-up on DAXSE 1721581 and AX6 198793 - Crash is not resolved 
4014060  DAXSE\Server\AOS Service  Backport request DAXSE 3729680 to 2009 - Intermediate AOS crash with RPC exception after "promptOnClient" 
4011945  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting  DISA upgrade AX 4.0 to AX 2012 R3:  UPGRADE SCRIPT UPDATEPROJITEMTRANS 
4012624  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting  DISA upgrade AX 4.0 to AX 2012 R3:  UPGRADE SCRIPT updateProjTransPostingPayment 
4012176  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Adjustments  Wrong transaction amounts after adjustment of an item requirement with a stocked service item 
4014758  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast  Incorrect project budget balance after installing KB 3216671 
4012780  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Estimates  Project estimates not including adjusted transactions 
4014966  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\FIM Integration  Project free text invoice not taking the exchange rate from Project contract id – Fixed rate agreement 
4014090  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Indirect Costs  Wrong data in report 'Category actual transactions' after KB3101732 
4014089  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Journals  Project hours journal cannot be posted when period in hold 
4014965  DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Project Control  Incorrect Line limit when exporting Project Statement with multiple lines to Office 2007+ 
4015393  DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Activities  When removing a WBS task the system is changing the cost price of other existing task  
4013800  DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Reports  Cost control export by Project Group to Excel drops Vendor dimension when using 'Expense' Project category types in correlating Purchase Order Line 
4014091  DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet  'Allow date corrections on timesheets' does not apply towards the adjustment of already posted Project Timesheets 


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