Mass financial period close (AX 2012 R3 new feature)

Customers will now have the ability to update the module access and the period status for more than one company at a time during the period end close process.

Previously, when the period was ending, you had to open each company, browse to the Ledger form, access the Ledger calendar and then update the module and/or period status. Repeating this process was very time consuming and there was no way to track or see what companies you have done this for.

Now, with the latest feature, the Ledger calendar form is available as its own menu item and is a multi-company form. It’s called Ledger calendars and is available under the Setup menu.

Mass FinancialClose1

When you open Ledger calendars, you will be able to pick the Calendar name and the year. After selecting the period, you want to change, you will see all companies that are using that calendar. You can select all at one time by choosing the check box next to Legal entities. Then choose Update module access and pick the Application module and Access level.

Mass FinancialClose2

 You can perform the same steps for the Period status, or you can pick and choose which companies to update, as the picture illustrates.

Mass FinancialClose3

Lastly, if you only want to edit one company you can pick the Period status or Module access, one at a time.

Mass FinancialClose4

We hope this feature saves you time and makes the period close process faster and more efficient.

Comments (5)

  1. Cool feature and great to see new stuff on AX2012. Is there a KB for this or another way to get hold of the feature?

  2. Felix says:

    I see KB 3146578 has been released for this purpose.

  3. Yogesh Kasat says:

    Thank you for backporting this feature in AX 2012. Love it!

  4. Phil Gibbins says:

    This is a great feature for Multi Legal Entities, but it allows a user to change the status of companies that they do not have access to. IE a User who is not entitled to see the dataAreaID “CEU”, can see the period status of “CEU” and set it to closed. How can this be right?

  5. Monica Magnusson says:

    Were are user group? When you come to month end some people in Finance departement should be possible to still post but all the other people should be on hold. How to do it now?

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