Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cumulative Update 3 is under development

As part of our effort to release regular cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, we're announcing that development is underway on Cumulative Update 3 for Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack. Although we're unable to guarantee any specific release date we can share that we're targeting the release for the second half June.

We will post a separate announcement with links to the release KB articles at the time of the RTW.

Stay tuned!

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  1. AX2012 CU3 will encompass all the hotfixes released since CU2, and inclusive of CU2 and CU1. Links to the KB articles for the hotfixes released since CU2, will be released at the time of CU3 RTW.

  2. Carl Gibson says:

    Bill, there is no requirement to have AX2012 Feature Pack installed in order to install Cumulative Update 3. The release will be applicable to installations running standard AX2012 or the AX2012 Feature Pack.

    Juha, we understand that folks are eagerly awaiting the release of Cumulative Update 3 and we want to ensure that the release holds up to high quality standards. We're going through some final test phases and although we don't anticipate a delay at this point we can't completely rule out the possibility of slight delay as we continue to follow-up on some feedback received during our pre-release validation effort. You can expect an update from our team within the next 24-48 hours.

  3. We are targeting an end of June RTW. Validation of pre-release bits is under way. If we perceive a delay to the targeted date, this blog post will be updated mid-next week, to reflect the new timeline.

  4. Hussain S. says:

    Could you please provide us the list of areas or features where the updates would be taking place in cumulative update 3? and list of points which would resolve the existing issues in AX 2012. This would enable us to take the correct decisions for further customizations.


    Hussain S.

  5. Andy says:

    I second Hussain S.

    We are planning on going live July 1st… it would be helpful to have a list of planned hotfixes (or will it include everything since last CU?) so we can decide if we will use it for our final DB implementation.  


  6. Fredrik Wallin says:

    Any news on this? Any planned dates???

  7. Bill Curtis1 says:

    Will there be any interdependencies or requirements to have FP1 installed prior to application of CU3?

  8. Juha Niemelä says:

    Any news on this? Hopefully no delay. Our customer needs urgently this CU3.

  9. Anonymous says:

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