Dynamics AX 2009 Rollup 7 has been released to PartnerSource and CustomerSource

We're happy to announce to release of Dynamics AX 2009 Rollup 7 for AX 2009 SP1 customers. The release is available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource.

Due to the cumulative nature of the rollups, RU-7 carries all the content that has been released in previous rollups (RU-1, RU-2, RU-3, RU-4, RU-5, RU-6).

For more information, please refer to the following knowledge base article:

Comments (4)

  1. UMESH PANDIT says:

    Dynamics AX 2009 Rollup 7 has been released to PartnerSource

  2. Chacko Thomas says:

    We are getting the following error on table SmmBusRelTable

    "The name of Method Renamed_convert2Customer doesn't match the name of the element in the lower layer. Ensure that the element’s name is the same as in the lower layer."

    in AX 2009 SP1 RU-7 without any changes and is in SYP layer.

    Can you please help ?

  3. Opesystems says:

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 takes about 22 hours in Generate Report "Journaled Transactions" of a single day,  due to the large volume of records containing, OpeSystems managed to do it with the same content in approximately 17 minutes. For more information contact us info@opesystems.com.mx

  4. Syed M Sajid says:

    I have RU4 on client side with lots of customization , and i want to install Retail setup but RU 7 is a pre req for Retail. how i can find the difference of RU4 and RU7 for upgrade ?or do you think Retail 2009 can be install on RU4.

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