Datetime data reflected in User’s preferred time zone after conversion from UTC


When running reports that contain date\time information that is stored in the database in UTC format the reports are showing the user's preferred time zone instead of the company's specified time zone.


To display the timezone information in the company timezone instead of the user's perferred time zone, you can change the setText method (Example from \Reports\HRMCourseAttendeeStatusList):


void setText()
    periode.text(strfmt("@SYS53184", date2StrUsr(DateTimeUtil::date(hrmCourseTable.StartDateTime), DateFlags::FormatAll),
                                    date2StrUsr(DateTimeUtil::date(hrmCourseTable.EndDateTime), DateFlags::FormatAll)));


    periode.text(strfmt("@SYS53184", date2StrUsr(DateTimeUtil::date (DateTimeUtil::applyTimeZoneOffset(hrmCourseTable.StartDateTime, DateTimeUtil::getUserPreferredTimeZone())), DateFlags::FormatAll),
    date2StrUsr(DateTimeUtil::date (DateTimeUtil::applyTimeZoneOffset(hrmCourseTable.endDateTime, DateTimeUtil::getUserPreferredTimeZone())), DateFlags::FormatAll)));

Comments (1)

  1. sams9 says:

    Not sure I understand this correctly but shouldn't it say DateTimeUtil::getCompanyTimeZone() instead of DateTimeUtil:getUserPreferredTimeZone() if you want the company timezone?

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