Form 27A printing issues when printing to .pdf file format

This post describes solutions to issues with Form 27A when printed to .pdf file format.

1.      First problem :  Lines in PDF printout are overlapping

Solution: Here in PDF Text is bounded by lines to make Text Boxes. To resolve this issue change the property (LineRight #Solid) of Text written in Left  

     (Eg. Text:Name_2) to (LineRight #None) and for the Text written in Right(Eg. Text:Name_2_1), change the property (LineLeft #Solid) to (LineLeft #None).
Put one new control as Shape in Design of Report of having height of total text box length.
Example of Properties for the Text Box:
Left	#50.00mm
Top	#54.00mm
Width	#Auto
Height	#48.00mm
2.      Second Issue : PDF left margin is not lined up properly.           		
Solution: To resolve this issue change the values of Text property(LeftMargin) to align the report.  Text:Name of Permises_2 Left Margin property should be set to 1.00mm.
 3.      Third Issue : Text does not fit in the area of Text Box.
Solution: To resolve this issue change the value of Text properties(Left, Width, FontSize).
Example of Properties of the text:
Left	56.00mm
Width	47.50char
FontSize	7

4.      Fourth Issue : Text is overlapping in the Control Totals section.


Solution: To resolve this issue change the value of Text property(Left, Width) and for Text(Alignment).



       Left     64.00mm

       Width  30.00char


       Alignment  Left


Comments (3)

  1. vivek says:

    I need text placed change, like Date and address print in one box. date is left side , and address is center,

    how can resolve this issue.

  2. Kishor jadhav says:

    Hi, thank you for this article.

    I'm facing the problem while printing report as a pdf file type.

    Some report data is missing in pdf file, can you suggest me something for this.

  3. messy1203 says:

    Could be shape issue, some shapes like boxes are not transparent in PDF version and you have to place them as first in sections.

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