Sale Order Batch Invoicing reprints invoices from prior runs, when “Print” is set to ‘After’ on AR >> Periodic >> Sales Update >> Invoice form

The issue is occurring because Sales Orders, to be invoiced, are retrieved based on "ParmId" from the CustInvoiceJour table and one "ParmId" is maintained by a Batch Job.


Fix is to add a condition based on ‘PrintedOriginals’, while building the Journal List for Invoices. ‘PrintedOriginals’ is the field on CustInvoiceJour table, which indicates the count of invoice printed


Note: This recommendation is for invoices only. Similar issue can exist for confirmations/picking list/packing slip documents.


This fix is applied in  \Classes\SalesFormLetterEndMultiThread\method\buildJournalList


case classnum(SalesFormLetter_Invoice),


                    classnum(SalesFormLetter_FreeText) :


                    while select custInvoiceJour

                        where custInvoiceJour.ParmId == updateParmId

&& !custInvoiceJour.PrintedOriginals //Condition added






If the print medium is PrintArchive, following code changes need to be included in \Reports\SalesInvoice\Methods\fetch Line


If (salesFormLetterReport.getCurrentPrintSetting().parmType() == PrintMgmtDocInstanceType::Original &&

   (element.printJobSettings().getTarget()                    == PrintMedium::Printer ||

    element.printJobSettings().getTarget()                    == PrintMedium::PrintArchive)) //Condition added


    CustInvoiceJour::updatePrinted(custInvoiceJour, element.printJobSettings().copies());





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