Call for papers 4 mAX

Dit is een oproep om als spreker deel te nemen aan deze conferentie (die overigens los staat van Microsoft). Mooi initiatief. Zeker omdat de AX Technical Conference niet naar Europe komt dit jaar is dit als deelnemer een mogelijkheid je kennis te verrijken.


Get Involved – Get Recognized!

Here’s YOUR chance to shine in the channel amongst your peers. As one of the speakers selected to present at mAX 2013 Rome!

mAX 2013 Rome

When: February 3 – 6, 2013
Where: The Marriott Rome Park Conference Hotel

Call for Papers!

Submission deadline: November 23rd, 2012

Purpose of the conference

The purpose of the mAX conference is to help the Microsoft Dynamics® AX community grow their business by selling Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions more effectively. mAX is dedicated to creating an environment that provides insight to the Microsoft Dynamics AX future vision and strategy, encourages sharing of knowledge among the Microsoft Dynamics AX community and supports critical connections with Microsoft, ISVs and partners – all with a goal of helping the community learn, grow and work more productively together.


mAX will be the Hub were Microsoft Dynamics© AX partners come together to forge business relationships, gain knowledge from real-world experiences and dive deep into the needs of the Sales and Pre-Sales roles within the Microsoft Dynamics AX partner organizations. mAX will focus on  the major theme of CONNECT + LEARN = GROW.

To accomplish these goals we have the following expectations:

  • All sessions will utilize real-world examples whenever possible
  • Presenters will meet with the content team members to insure high quality sessions. Each presenter will commit to a session walkthrough prior to the event
  • Sessions are generally 60 minutes in length; if you require additional time we can work with the schedule to accommodate your needs
  • All track sessions will be delivered with a Partner focus and concentrate on concrete examples to compete and win in the sales process

Timing details:

  • The call for papers will close on November 23nd , 2012
  • Sessions will be selected by December 14th , 2012
  • Final abstracts are due by January 1st, 2013
  • Presenters will make themselves available for session reviews as needed
  • Final Session walkthrough will be conducted January 1t through the 18th, 2013
  • Final PowerPoint slides will be submitted by January 25th, 2013

To submit your session suggestions, please follow this link: LINK

A few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Positioning AX in the customer’s language: Becoming your clients “Trust Business Advisor”
  • Delivering workload solutions for key industries
  • Laying out the stack solutions that surround AX
  • AX & CRM …. better together
  • Business process; deeper, quicker, better, faster
  • Selling to the Enterprise and leveraging the tools available
  • The power of engaging the Microsoft Solution Selling Process (MSSP)
  • Leveraging Sure Step to avoid mis-steps
  • Leveraging Microsoft Services on your customer engagements

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