Worldwide Changes to Daylight Saving Time

Voor de zekerheid, misschien dat we ook hier klanten hebben die er mee te maken hebben.

We recently posted on the Microsoft Corporate blog the impact and our efforts related to the end of daylight saving time in Russia. Starting the last weekend in October, 2011, Russia will no longer observe “Daylight Saving time” (DST) and will effectively remain on “summer time”. This change will require adjustments from companies throughout the technology and consumer electronics industry. While the elimination of DST in Russia directly affects those living in the Russian territory, the ramifications from a technology perspective are global.

The call to action is for customers to visit the Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center at Your customers will find links to updates for various products in support affected by this change, as well as other various changes to DST offsets and time zones around the world. We offer recorded webcasts to help customers and organizations preparing for daylight saving time as part of our “step-by-step” program on making the DST transition. The team in Microsoft Russia provides specific details and guidance in country at

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