New book on Dynamics Sure Step just released!

We are pleased to announce that the “Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010:  The Smart Guide to Successful Delivery of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions” book by Chandru Shankar and Vincent Bellefroid is now available in print and/or as an eBook.

  • *       Understand how to effectively use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step to implement the right Microsoft Dynamics business solution with quality, on-time and on-budget results
  • *       Learn business solution selling techniques and guidance to accelerate and close a sale, as well as related guidance on specific industries
  • *       Discover how Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step support’s your buy cycle, as you progress through your needs assessment, alternatives assessment and risk assessment stages
  • *       Examine the different options to choose from for your business solution delivery, including waterfall and agile approaches
  • *       Acquire insights into how you can proactively optimize the business solution during implementation, as well as continue to maintain the health of your solution in  production
  • *       Determine the approach and tools available to upgrade your business solutions to the current product releases
  • *       Gain knowledge in key areas such as the project and change management disciplines provided in Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
  • *       Familiarize yourself with the approach to adopting the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology as your own

 The book includes a Foreword by Sure Step Practitioners, including Aditya Mohan, Anders Spatzek, Kundan Prakash, Lori Thalmann Pytlik, Muhammad Alam and Theo Gees

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Microsoft Dynamics Partners get out to PartnerSource and download it today!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice post.

  3. april bishop says:

    Thank you, Ana! I had been debating about whether or not to read this since I’ve heard some mixed things about it but now I know I must!

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