Easy Migrating from Groove 2007 to SharePoint Workspace 2010

I needed to upgrade my laptop from Win7 RC / Office 2007(32 bit) to Win7 RTM with Office 2010 technical preview (64 bit) . The best way to go is a Clean Install but hold on, what about my Groove workspaces?
If you are like me and have like 20Gb of Groove Workspaces then the one thing you do not want is getting all your data back over the WAN.
So this i how I did it:

I copied all me Groove data from c:\users\”myname”\appdata\local\microsoft\office\groove to a USB drive.

Just to be safe I made a backup of my account file to.

Then i installed Win7 RTM with Office 2010. Be aware that you do not open op SharePoint Workspace 2010 yet. First copy the “old” groove stuff to the same location where you got it from.

If you have finished that then it time to start up SharePoint Workspace. You will be prompted for your password. After you type that your account will be upgraded to SharePoint Workspace 2010 and off you go.

You will see something like this:


Its much faster the syncing everything back again.

One of the best thing I also found out is that going from a 32 bit system to a 64 bit system does not have any impact on my workspaces.
Remember when you have changed the name of your machine you need to manually change the name Groove used for your old machine into the new machine name. If you forget to do that syncing could give some problems.
You can change that within SharePoint Workspace under Outspace( BFKOB Button Formally Known as Office Button) then Manage Account, Account Preferences. Go to tab Account and the Rename Computer.

Good Luck and Groove On SharePoint Workspace on!


See ya,


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