NIC teaming for Hyper-V

We get a lot of questions about NIC teaming support in Windows Server 2008 so that this can be used to create fault tolerant virtual switches within Hyper-V.

It is absolutely possible to use NIC teaming with Hyper-V, however this support must be provided by the hardware vendors.

Now, HP finally released a whitepaper that explains which configurations of NIC teaming are supported for Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V.

See the Windows Virtualization Team Blog article for more information:

I did a quick query on network teaming in combination with Hyper-V and there’s still not a lot of documentation that describes how to get this working.

I did find one from the UK Microsoft Virtualization User Group blog that specifically describes the Broadcom solution:

When you start testing their NIC teaming solution, make sure that you:

  • Use the latest and greatest drivers and teaming software
  • Install the Hyper-V role first
  • Install the NIC teaming software
  • Configure the network team
  • Configure networking from Hyper-V for the network team

The above is the way to get it working for every teaming solution that has been tested and works with Hyper-V.


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