Project Virtual Reality Check

Our partners Log•in Consultants and PQR finalized a project called “Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC)” and published their findings on

Their findings are “interesting” to say the least!

The project:

Do you wonder about virtualization? Are you seeking for the best virtualization platform for your specific environment? Project VRC shows you the way!
Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) is a joint venture of Log•in Consultants and PQR, who have researched the optimal configuration for the different available hypervisors (hardware virtualization layers). The project arises from the growing demand for a founded advice on how to virtualize Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop (VDI) workloads. Through a number of researches, Log•in Consultants and PQR show you the scaling possibilities for Terminal Server environments as well as Virtual Desktops.
We invite you to download our whitepapers and draw your own conclusions from the different research results. After registration you have access to all documents. You can of course also set up your own research environment and see which environment best suits your situation

Project goals:

The goal of Project VRC is to investigate, validate and give answers to the following questions:

  • How does various Microsoft Windows Client OS’s  scale as a virtual desktop?
  • How does a VDI infrastructure scale in comparison (virtualized) Terminal Server?
  • Which performance optimization on the host and guest virtualization level can be configured, and what is the impact of these settings on user density?
  • With the introduction of the latest hypervisor technologies, can we now recommend running large scale TS/CTX workloads on a virtualization platform?
  • How do the two usage scenarios compare, that is Microsoft Terminal Server [TS] only, versus TS plus XenApp?
  • How do x86 and x64 TS platforms compare in scalability on bare metal and virtualized environments?
  • What is the best way to partition (memory and vCPU) the Virtual Machines the hypervisor host, to achieve the highest possible user density
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