What is Core IO and what is it good for?

Microsoft Optimization consists of three optimization models.

What is Core Infrastructure Optimization?

Core Infrastructure Optimization (IO) provides a comprehensive, proven, and efficient methodology to help improve your infrastructure. Core IO is supported with a model, enabling technologies, services, tools and guidance. Core IO can help you control your or your customer's IT costs and increase your or your customers organization's ability to successfully implement IT projects.

The Core IO Model

The Core IO model provides a way to think about the challenges that you face, prioritize the areas you want to focus on improving, and organize your activities to pursue those priorities. The model outlines a progression through four levels of optimization and illustrates the strategic value and business benefits of moving from a "basic" level of optimization, where the infrastructure is generally considered a "cost center", toward a "dynamic" infrastructure, where the business value of the infrastructure is clearly understood and is viewed as a strategic asset.


This sounds GREAT, but how does it work in practice? Does this really work?

In the past I used the Core IO model a lot when I was in MCS. It's great to quickly map the customer's infrastructure to the model and assess their maturity.

I've used it to check customer's strategies for gaps or missed opportunities.

I've used it to create roadmaps for customers that didn't have an IT specific strategy. I mean, every customer wants to reduce costs or be able to do more with their budget!

I've used it to show customer's that they had to reprioritize their activities or projects.
Example: You can't run business critical complex distributed applications if you can't monitor them and don't have processes in place to act on alerts! You have to do things in order!

Core IO model is a great tool to visualize these things.

So from my own experience I can say that this really does work and helps you to better serve your customer and expand business!

Core IO resources:

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Documentation that helps you to put Core IO to practice.

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