First post by Martijn

Following the others, I would like to introduce myself before making my first NAV post:

My name is Martijn Knevel, and I’m the Dynamics NAV PTS for the Netherlands. I’ve started back in 1999 at Navision Software. During the first years, I’ve had a number of roles, which included Software Development and System Administration. Since i’m a lousy programmer, after some time I started as a support engineer.

In 2002 Microsoft bought Navision, and created the Microsoft Business Solutions division. I moved from the Navision Barneveld office to the Microsoft office at Schiphol, where I continued my role as a support engineer.

In 2004 I moved from that role, to my current role PTS for Dynamics NAV.

This year we are releasing the biggest product update in the history of NAV software: Dynamics NAV 2009. In the last 3-4 years I’ve seen the 2009 release evolve and mature to become what it is today, in one of the last stages of development. The product looks and feels fantastic.

Most of my posts during the next months will be regarding the NAV 2009 release. I’m planning to update the blog at least 1-2 times a week. I will do my best to post as much as I can in English. However, since I'm not a translation guru, sometimes the posts will be in Dutch.

P.s. for the ones that are really anxious to see my picture: It is one it's way.

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