Live Search Mobile

I ran across a nifty little utility for my cell phone over the weekend: Live Search Mobile. It’s a small application that you can install on Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices that provides a slick front-end to the Live Search service. When you open the app, it tries to determine your location automatically. For me…


End of an Era

You think some things will never end…you think your parents will live forever, that a relationship will never fade, that you have all the time in the world. And then reality hits. Today that reality hit for me again when Bill Gates officially ended his 33 year full-time job at Microsoft. Back in the early…


WorldWide Telescope Part 2

Robert Scoble posted his interview with Curtis Wong from Microsoft Research. The interview includes a demo of the phenomenal WorldWide Telescope project. You can view the video here: Spring can’t come fast enough.


WorldWide Telescope

On Wednesday, Microsoft Research announced a new product called WorldWide Telescope (let’s call it WWT). Imagine exploring images from the best telescopes across the globe and in space, calling up related data, stories and statistics on objects that you want to know more about. Zoom in until a galaxy fills up your screen in high…


Campus Expansion

Microsoft is currently going through one of its biggest campus expansions, well, ever. Back in 2006 we announced that we were spending $1Billion to add 3.1 million square feet of office space around our main campus and the Puget Sound area. A major portion of this expansion is the West Campus. The West Campus will…